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1. Corporate actions.

A major corporate transaction such as an acquisition, merger or disposal.

2. Contract.

Any financial transaction or trade.

Including ones reached following a period of negotiation about the price, or other terms.

In the context of market trading, the term 'deal' is often used interchangeably with 'trade'.

3. Public policy.

A high-level policy or aspiration, not necessarily having legal effects itself, but often followed by legislation.

For example, the European Green Deal.

4. Verb.

To strike a transaction.

For example, market makers quote (different) buying and selling prices at which they are willing to deal with their clients.

5. Professional services - other actions.

To take appropriate administrative and other steps to address an area of responsibility over time, or a problem.

For example, a tax agent is a professional specialist appointed by a taxpayer to deal with the tax authorities on behalf of the taxpayer.

As another example, bailin refers to the use of private sector money, rather than public money, to deal with a failed or failing bank.

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