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The Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT) as a professional body and educator of treasury professionals is both a first and second source for the treasury profession. This wiki therefore contains both original research, comment and opinion as well as material based on the work and publication of other bodies. No warranty is given or implied regarding the accuracy or fitness of any article on this wiki and all information is used at the visitor's own risk.

All content policies on this page are in addition to the ACT's standard terms and conditions[1]


The ACT's content

The content posted on this wiki by any user becomes the sole property of the ACT and may not be reproduced without permission, except where:

The use is by an individual working in the treasury profession, and the use is personal, non-profit use. An aknowledgement of the source must be included.

Organisations may re-publish up to 10% of any article's word count in either print or electronic formats, but must include a link back to the original source of the content on this wiki for each re-publication made.

Use of other content on this wiki

If you believe that you are the rightful owner of content which has been added to this site, you may contact us at website@treasurers.org requesting either the addition of a link to a source of your choice or removal of the content. You must provide full details of your ownership of the content including where and when it was originally published. We will respond as quickly as possible to your request but this may be up to 2 weeks from first notification for us to properly verify the source of the content.

Contributing content

Direct editing of The Treasurer's Wiki is not currently available to persons or organisations other than the ACT and its chosen content authors. Members of the ACT may apply to become content authors but will be subject to editorial review if approved.

If you wish to contribute content from an external article or research that you have authored then you may submit the article for review. The submission should include:

  • The article title
  • The extent of the content to be used
  • Related pages on the The Treasurer's Wiki that the content will reference
  • The link to the original publication location which will be used as an external link or footnote reference (this may not be a direct commercial link)

By submitting an article to the ACT you accept that you are giving the ACT the perpetual right to publish the article in full or part on any location on this website. Each use of the content on a wiki article will include one or more footnote references to the original source material as decided by the ACT.

Any content submission may be refused or later removed by the ACT without explanation. The publication of any submitted contribution does not imply that the ACT either supports or warrants the usefulness and accuracy of that content.

The ACT reserves the right to publish sponsored pages on its wiki. These will be clearly marked under their main article title as a sponsored article from X

Linking policy

  • Links to any page of the site are permitted and may be made without request from either public websites, intranet websites or mobile applications.
  • You must not link directly to any image or media on this site
  • Wiki articles may not be embedded within the web page of another website.


  1. ACT legal notices and terms and conditions