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Welcome to the Treasurer's Wiki

The Treasurer’s Wiki aims to share knowledge and experience across the treasury community. We hope you will use it as a platform to share knowledge and provide useful tools to other likeminded people.

The Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT) sets the benchmark for international treasury excellence. As the Chartered body for treasury, we lead the profession by delivering our internationally recognised suite of treasury qualifications, by defining standards and by championing continuing professional development. We are the authentic voice of the treasury profession representing the interests of the real economy and educating, supporting and leading the treasurers of today and tomorrow.

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(B)/W to Annual return
Annuity to Bid
Bid-ask to CSO
CSPI to Company law
Company voluntary arrangement to DC
DCF to Dynamic hedging
E-banking to Exchange creditors
Exchange rate to Fiscal agent
Fiscal deficit to Green finance
Green loan to Income
Income/(expense) to LNG
LOBO to Market
Market-based approaches to cash management and liquidity to Non-callable
Non-controlling interest to Packing credit
Packing finance to Provision
Provision of information to Retained earnings
Retention to Settled to market
Settlement to Systems risk
Système Interbancaire de Télécompensation to UEL
UKAR to Zero rated

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Authorised push payment

Payments and payment systems.


Push payments are payments where payment service providers (PSPs), which include banks, are instructed to transfer money from a customer’s account to another account.

It is an ‘authorised’ push payment (APP) when the customer gives their consent for the payment to be made.

This can include situations where the customer has been tricked into giving that consent.

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