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Welcome to the Treasurer's Wiki

The Treasurer’s Wiki is aimed at sharing knowledge and experience across the treasury community. We hope you will use it as a platform to share knowledge and provide useful tools to other likeminded people.

We acknowledge that to start with some of the entries are brief, but our aim was to create a wide variety of pages. We look forward to working with all the volunteer editors to build added depth and an extended coverage.

The Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT) sets the benchmark for international treasury excellence. As the Chartered body for treasury, we lead the profession by delivering our internationally recognised suite of treasury qualifications, by defining standards and by championing continuing professional development. We are the authentic voice of the treasury profession representing the interests of the real economy and educating, supporting and leading the treasurers of today and tomorrow.

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Value to €STR

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Double dip

1. Economics.

A double dip recession is a period of declining gross domestic product, followed by a brief recovery and then a further period of decline.

2. Tax.

Double dip referred to historical aggressive tax planning structures under which two tax deductions were claimed for essentially the same expenditure. For example in relation to certain cross border leasing arrangements.

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