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Higher education - UK.

Abbreviation for the Russell Group of Universities, established in the UK.

The Russell Group's members are 24 of the universities in the UK, including - in alphabetical order - the Universities of Birmingham, Bristol, Warwick and York.

Its policy work focuses on:

  • Sustainable funding - Ensuring our leading universities can continue to deliver a high-quality experience for students.
  • Research - Promoting world-leading UK research and innovation that changes lives for the better.
  • Immigration - Ensuring our universities can attract and retain global talent, to learn, research and teach in the UK.
  • Access - Continually working to make our world-class education more accessible to students of all backgrounds.
  • International partnerships - Seeking an ambitious future EU relationship and embracing the new global opportunities ahead.
  • Environment - Championing research into green technology, while mitigating the environmental footprint of our universities.
Source: the Russell Group

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