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Higher education - UK.

Abbreviation for the Russell Group of Universities, established in the UK.

The Russell Group's members are 24 of the leading universities in the UK which was formed in 1994 from an initial group of 17 research universities.

Its policy work focuses on:

  • Sustainable funding - Ensuring our leading universities can continue to deliver a high-quality experience for students.
  • Research - Promoting world-leading UK research and innovation that changes lives for the better.
  • Immigration - Ensuring our universities can attract and retain global talent, to learn, research and teach in the UK.
  • Access - Continually working to make our world-class education more accessible to students of all backgrounds.
  • International partnerships - Seeking an ambitious future EU relationship and embracing the new global opportunities ahead.
  • Environment - Championing research into green technology, while mitigating the environmental footprint of our universities.
Source: the Russell Group

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