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Bandwagon biasBankBank Facility
Bank RateBank Recovery and Resolution DirectiveBank account
Bank agnostic servicesBank chequeBank draft
Bank floatBank for International SettlementsBank guarantee
Bank identifier codeBank lineBank margin
Bank of EnglandBank of England Base RateBank payment obligation
Bank portalBank recBank reconciliation
Bank relationship managementBank supervisionBank transfer
Banker's acceptanceBanker's draftBanker's payment
Bankers' Association for Finance and TradeBanking Standards BoardBanking Standards Review
Banking Standards Review CouncilBanking UnionBanking book
BankruptBankruptcyBankruptcy Act
Bankruptcy CodeBankruptcy costsBankruptcy risk
Banque Europeenne d'InvestissementBanque Internationale pour la Reconstruction et le DeveloppementBanque de France
Bar chartBarnier-Liikanen ruleBarrier option
Barriers to entryBarterBase
Base currencyBase erosion and profit shiftingBase rate
BaselBasel 2.5Basel 4
Basel CommitteeBasel Committee on Banking SupervisionBasel I
Basel IIBasel IIIBasel IV
BaselineBasic State PensionBasic bank account
Basic indicator approachBasisBasis point
Basis riskBasis swapBasket
Bear spreadBearerBearer bond
Bearer instrumentBearer plantBearer security
Beauty paradeBehavioural analyticsBehavioural economics
Behavioural gapBehavioural skillsBelbin team roles
Bell curveBells and whistlesBelt and Road
Belt and Road countryBenchmarkBenchmarking
Benchmarks RegulationBeneficial ownerBeneficiary
Benefit in kindBenefits AgencyBermudan
Bermudan-style optionBermudan optionBespoke software
Best-efforts dealBest-in-class screeningBest ask
Best bidBest effortsBest execution
Best execution ruleBest practiceBeta
Beta testBidBid-ask
Bid-offer priceBid-offer spreadBid bond
Bid priceBid rateBidenomics
Biennial exploratory scenarioBifurcateBig 4
Big BangBig FourBig bath
Big dataBilateralBilateral net settlement system
Bilateral nettingBilateral repoBilateral repurchase agreement
BillBill GatesBill discounting
Bill of exchangeBill of ladingBillion
BimodalBinaryBinary option
Binary systemBinomialBinomial distribution
Binomial option pricing modelBinomial treeBiodiversity
Biodiversity COP 15Biometric recognitionBiometric signature
Black FridayBlack MondayBlack Scholes option pricing model
Black TuesdayBlack WednesdayBlack economy
Black marketBlack swanBlank endorsement
BlockchainBlocked CashBlocked currency
Blocked input taxBlocking RegulationBloomberg
Blue BookBlue bondBlue chip
Blue collar workerBnBoE
BoSBoard for Actuarial StandardsBoard of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
Board of SupervisorsBoard of directorsBoard reserved powers
Board resolutionBona fideBond
Bond basisBond equivalent yieldBond futures
Bond indentureBond issueBond mandate
Bond market indexBondingBonding line
Bonus issueBookBook-entry system
Book buildBook entryBook equity
Book funds transferBook keeperBook keeping
Book reserveBook valueBookkeeping
Bootstrap effectBootstrappingBorrowed funds
Borrowing baseBoston Consulting GroupBoston Matrix
Bottom-up resolutionBottom lineBought deal
Bounce Back Loan SchemeBpBps
Breach of contractBreach of covenantBreak-even
Break-up valueBreak clauseBreak even analysis
Break even pointBreakevenBreakout
Bretton WoodsBretton Woods ConferenceBrexit
Brexit BritainBrexit DayBrexit implementation period
Brexit transition periodBrexodusBribery
Bribery ActBricks and clicksBricks and mortar
Bridge BankBridge facilityBridge financing
Bridge to bondBridging loanBring down call
British Bankers' AssociationBritish Business BankBritish Chambers of Commerce
British International Freight AssociationBritish Retail ConsortiumBroad money
BrokerBroker-dealerBroker crossing network
Budget lineBufferBuilding a Debt IR function
Building societyBulk funds transfer systemBulk transfer
BullBull spreadBulldog
Bulldog bondBullet maturityBund
BundesbankBureau of the Fiscal ServiceBurn rate
BusinessBusiness & Human Rights Resource CentreBusiness & Sustainable Development Commission
Business Asset Rollover ReliefBusiness Impact of COVID-19 SurveyBusiness analytics
Business angelBusiness contingency managementBusiness continuity management
Business continuity planBusiness cycleBusiness development
Business email compromiseBusiness ethicsBusiness identifier code
Business impact analysisBusiness in the CommunityBusiness intelligence
Business modelBusiness process re-engineeringBusiness rates
Business reviewBusiness riskBusiness skills
Business unitBuy-back agreementBuy-in
Buy-side firmBuy-to-LetBuyback
Buyer-centricBuyer creditBuyout