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CallCall moneyCall option
Call protectionCall provisionCall risk
CallableCallable bondCanada
CapCap and tradeCapacity
CapexCapitalCapital Adequacy Directive
Capital Conservation BufferCapital Gains TaxCapital Goods Scheme
Capital Market LineCapital Requirements DirectiveCapital Requirements Regulation
Capital accountCapital adequacyCapital allocation
Capital allowancesCapital asset pricing modelCapital buffer
Capital conservationCapital controlCapital employed
Capital expenditureCapital flightCapital gain
Capital intensityCapital leaseCapital loss
Capital marketCapital market swapCapital mobility
Capital planning bufferCapital projectCapital ratio
Capital rationingCapital riskCapital securities
Capital structureCapital to labour ratioCapitalisation
Capitalisation issueCapitaliseCapped FRN
CapsCaptive insurance companyCapture ratio
CarbonCarbon-neutralCarbon Reduction Commitment
Carbon creditsCarbon footprintCarbon tax
Carbon tradingCareer average pension schemeCarrying amount
Carrying valueCartelCarve-out
CarveoutCase lawCash
Cash-generating unit
Cash against documents
Cash and cash equivalentsCash balance pension schemeCash book
Cash box placingCash burn rateCash card
Cash concentrationCash concentration or disbursementCash concentration or disbursement plus addendum
Cash conversion cycleCash conversion efficiencyCash cow
Cash dispenserCash equivalent valueCash flow
Cash flow at riskCash flow exposureCash flow forecast
Cash flow hedgeCash flow hedge accountingCash flow insolvent
Cash flow managementCash flow statementCash forecasting
Cash in the new post-crisis worldCash investing in a new worldCash letter
Cash managementCash management in AfricaCash management in Asia: extracting signal from noise
Cash management in Latin AmericaCash marketCash placing
Cash poolCash positioningCash reconciliation
Cash reservesCash settlementCash sweep
Cash termsCashflowCashflow statement
Cashier’s chequeCasino financeCat bond
Catastrophe bondCategory 3 messagesCbC
CbC reportingCentCentennials
Central Limit Order BookCentral accountCentral bank
Central bank moneyCentral bank reportingCentral clearing
Central clearing partyCentral counterpartyCentral limit theorem
Central locationCentral securities depositoryCentralised
Certain fundsCertificateCertificate in International Cash Management
Certificate in TreasuryCertificate in Treasury FundamentalsCertificate of deposit
Certificate of incorporationCertificate of ownershipCeteris paribus
Challenger bankChange consultantChange management
Channel financeChapter 11Charge
Charge on incomeChargeable accounting periodChargeable asset
Chargeable gainChargeable gains groupChargeable income
Chargeable personCharitable statusChartered Accountant
Chartered Accountants IrelandChartered Institute of Credit ManagementChartered Institute of Management Accountants
Chartered Insurance InstituteChartismChatham House
Chatham House RuleChattelCheck
ChequeCheque clearingCheque guarantee card
Cheque imagingCheque truncation
Chief Envisioning OfficerChief ExecutiveChief Executive Officer
Chief Financial OfficerChief Information OfficerChief Operating Officer
Chief Risk OfficerChinaChip card
CircledCircuit breakerCircular economy
Circular flow of incomeCity CodeCity of London
Civil lawClaimantClaimant company
Claims and electionsClassical economicsClassical system
ClauseClawbackClean draft
Clean floatClean letter of creditClean price
CleansingClearanceCleared balance
ClearingClearing House Automated Payment SystemClearing House Interbank Payment System
Clearing bankClearing floatClearing for the 21st Century Act
Clearing houseClearing memberClearing system
ClearstreamClient Assets SourcebookClientele
Cliff edgeClimate change: testing the resilience of corporates’ creditworthiness to natural catastrophesClose-out netting
Close companyClose outClosed economy
Closed pension schemeClosed periodClosing exchange rate
Closing legClosing priceClosing rate method
Cloud computingCloud technologiesClub deal
Cluster samplingCo-efficientCo-efficient of determination
Code StaffCode of conductCode of practice
CodificationCoefficient of correlationCoefficient of determination
Coefficient of variationCohortCollar
Collar hedgeCollateralCollateral agreement
Collateral swapCollateral transformationCollateralise
Collateralised Mortgage ObligationCollateralized to marketCollecting bank
CollectionCollection accountCollection float
Collector of TaxesCollusionCombined Code
ComexCommand economyCommerce Clearing House
Commercial bankCommercial credit riskCommercial drive and organisation
Commercial financeCommercial paperCommercial real estate
Commercial riskCommission de Surveillance du Secteur FinancierCommissioner of the Public Debt
Commitment feeCommittedCommitted risk
Committee for Economic and Monetary AffairsCommittee of European Banking SupervisorsCommittee of European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Supervisors
Committee of European Securities RegulatorsCommittee on Payments and Market InfrastructuresCommittee on the Global Financial System
CommodityCommodity financeCommodity risk
Common Agricultural PolicyCommon Consolidated Corporate Tax BaseCommon Equity Tier 1
Common equityCommon issuanceCommon law
Common sharesCommon stockCommonwealth of Independent States
CommutationCommutativeCompanies Act
Companies HouseCompanyCompany law
Company voluntary arrangementCompensating balancesCompetence
Competent AuthorityCompetitionCompetition & Markets Authority
Competition CommissionCompetition lawCompetition policy
Competitor analysisComplementary productCompliance
Compliance riskComponent bar chartComposite indices
Compound Annual Growth RateCompound instrumentCompound interest
Compounding effectCompounding factorComprehensive Capital Analysis and Review
Comprehensive Economic and Trade AgreementComptrollerCompulsory liquidation