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Contingent riskContinuing professional developmentContinuing professional education
Continuous Mortality InvestigationContinuous linked settlementContinuous random variable
Continuously compounded rate of returnContra proferentemContract
Contract for differenceContract for differencesContract hire
Contract purchaseContracted inContracted out/in
Contraction optionContractual gapContribution
Contribution rateContributionsContributions holiday
ControlControl premiumControlled disbursement
Controlled foreign companyControlled foreign corporationControls
Conventional yearConversion premiumConversion price
Conversion ratioConversion valueConvert
ConvertibilityConvertible FRNConvertible bonds
Convertible debtConvertiblesConverting from forward rates
Converting from par ratesConverting from zero coupon ratesConvexity
CooperativeCore Tier 1 capitalCorkscrew
CorporateCorporate Bond Purchase Scheme
Corporate Services Price IndexCorporate bondCorporate card
Corporate credit ratings: a quick guideCorporate financeCorporate financial management
Corporate governanceCorporate planCorporate real estate
Corporate social responsibilityCorporate treasurerCorporate treasury
Corporate treasury centreCorporate trusteeCorporate valuation
Corporate valueCorporationCorporation Tax
Corporation Tax ActCorporation Tax Self AssessmentCorporation Tax return
CorrectionCorrelated value at riskCorrelation
Correlation coefficientCorrespondent bankCorrespondent banking
Correspondent factorCorridorCorruption
CostCost-plus loan pricingCost-push inflation
Cost approachCost behaviourCost centre
Cost effectiveCost of capitalCost of carry
Cost of debtCost of equityCost of financial distress
Cost of goods soldCost of living adjustmentCost of sales
Cost saving centreCounter-indemnityCounter-offer
Counter-tradeCountercyclicalCountercyclical buffer
Countercyclical leverage ratio bufferCounterpartyCounterparty risk
CountertradeCountry itemsCountry risk
CouponCoupon bondCoupon rate
Coupon stripCourtCourtesy
Courtesy amount recognitionCov-liteCovariance
CovenantCovenant-liteCovenant trigger
CoverCover ratioCovered bond
Covered interest arbitrageCovered positionCovering
CrCrawling peg systemCredit
Credit Conversion FactorCredit Guarantee SchemeCredit Quality Step
Credit balanceCredit breakCredit caps
Credit cardCredit card companyCredit concentration risk
Credit controlCredit creationCredit crunch
Credit default swapCredit default swap indexCredit derivative
Credit enhancementCredit estimateCredit event
Credit exposureCredit indexCredit institution
Credit insuranceCredit lineCredit note
Credit ratingCredit rating agencyCredit rating risk
Credit ratings: helping supply to meet demandCredit reference agencyCredit relief
Credit riskCredit risk diversificationCredit score
Credit spreadCredit spread riskCredit spread risk in the banking book
Credit support annexCredit transferCredit transfer system
Credit unionCredit watchCreditor days
Creditor managementCreditorsCreditworthiness
Criminal lawCross-border sweepingCross-currency interest rate swap
Cross-guaranteesCross accelerationCross currency deal
Cross currency swapCross defaultCross price elasticity of demand
Cross ratesCrowdfundingCryptocurrency
CumDFCum divCum dividend
Cum intCum interestCumulative Discount Factor
Cumulative frequency distributionsCurrencyCurrency bank accounts
Currency basketCurrency clearingsCurrency contract
Currency exposureCurrency forward contractCurrency futures
Currency interest rate swapCurrency managementCurrency option
Currency riskCurrency swapCurrent/non-current method
Current accountCurrent account deficitCurrent assets
Current cost accountingCurrent liabilitiesCurrent rate method
Current ratioCurrent service costCurrent unit method
Current yieldCurtailmentCustodian
CustodyCustoms dutyCustoms union
Cyber attackCyber breachCyber crime
Cyber riskCyber securityCyber security: protecting your business and your clients
Cyber threatCyberattackCybercrime
Cybercrime – A Threat And An OpportunityCybercriminalCyberrisk
DVPDWFDaily rate
Daisy chainDamagesDark pool
DashboardData exchangeData matching
Data presentationData roomDay count
Day count conventionsDay tradingDaylight credit
Daylight exposureDaylight overdraftDays billing outstanding
Days receivables outstandingDays sales outstandingDe-grouping charge
De-listingDe facto directorDe maximis
De minimisDe minimis exempt taxDeal
Deal dateDealerDealing mandate
DebentureDebitDebit balance
Debit capsDebit cardDebit collection system
Debit transfer systemDebtDebt IR
Debt Management OfficeDebt book-entry systemDebt capacity
Debt capitalDebt capital marketDebt ceiling
Debt equity ratioDebt equity swapDebt factoring
Debt for equity swapDebt on the employerDebt service cover ratio
Debt service coverage ratioDebt service ratioDebt to equity ratio
Debtor daysDebtor managementDebtors
Decision treeDeclaration of solvencyDeduct from beneficiary
DeductionsDeedDeed of amendment