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Daily rateDaisy chainDamages
Dark poolDashboardData Protection Act
Data exchangeData matchingData presentation
Data roomDay countDay count conventions
Day tradingDaylight creditDaylight exposure
Daylight overdraftDays billing outstandingDays inventory outstanding
Days payables outstandingDays receivables outstandingDays sales outstanding
De-grouping chargeDe-listingDe facto director
De maximisDe minimisDe minimis exempt tax
DealDeal contingent forwardDeal date
DealerDealing mandateDebenture
DebitDebit balanceDebit caps
Debit cardDebit collection systemDebit transfer system
DebtDebt IRDebt Management Office
Debt book-entry systemDebt capDebt capacity
Debt capitalDebt capital marketDebt ceiling
Debt equity ratioDebt equity swapDebt factoring
Debt for equity swapDebt on the employerDebt ratio
Debt service cover ratioDebt service coverage ratioDebt service ratio
Debt to equity ratioDebtor daysDebtor management
DecisionDecision treeDeclaration of solvency
Dedicated Card and Payment Crime UnitDeduct from beneficiaryDeductions
DeedDeed of amendmentDeep discount bond
Deep discount issueDeep marketDefault
Default fundDefault nettingDefault surcharge
DefendantDeferment optionDeferred
Deferred incomeDeferred memberDeferred net settlement
Deferred payment letter of creditDeferred pensionerDeferred tax
Deferred taxationDeficitDefined benefit pension scheme
Defined contribution pension schemeDefinitive deedDeflation
DeglobalisationDelVaRDel credere agent
Delegated legislationDelegatus non potest delegareDeletion
DelinquentDeliveryDelivery against payment system
Delivery riskDelivery versus payment systemDeloitte
DeltaDelta-normal methodDelta VaR
Delta hedgeDelta hedgingDelta neutral
DemandDemand-pull inflationDemand curve
Demand deposit accountDemand elasticityDemand loan
Demand side policyDematerialisationDenominator
Department for Exiting the European UnionDepartment for International DevelopmentDepartment for International Trade
Department for Work and PensionsDependantDepletion
DepoDepo marketDeposit
Deposit Guarantee SchemeDeposit accountDeposit float
Deposit insuranceDeposit protection schemeDeposit rating
Depository Trust CompanyDepreciating assetDepreciation
Derivative instrumentDerivative productsDerivatives documentation
Descending price auctionDescriptive statisticsDesignated-time net settlement system
Designated confidential informationDesignated contract marketDesignated investment firm
DeutschmarkDevaluationDevelopment bank
Developments in corporate and market regulation: implications for the treasurerDeviationDiet
Differential swapDifferentiationDigital footprint
Digital optionDigital signatureDigital wallet
DigitisationDiluted earnings per shareDilution
Dim sum bondDiminishing marginal utilityDiminishing returns
DipTMDiploma in Treasury ManagementDirect actions
Direct collectionDirect costsDirect credit
Direct debitDirect depositDirect effect
Direct expenseDirect investmentDirect lending
Direct methodDirect participant in an IFTSDirect production cost
Direct quoteDirect sendDirect tax
DirectiveDirectors reportDirty float
Dirty priceDisaggregationDisallowable expenditure
Disallowed VATDisaster recovery planningDisbursement
Disbursement floatDisclosureDisclosure and Transparency Rules
DiscontinuanceDiscontinuance methodDiscount
Discount Window FacilityDiscount basisDiscount factor
Discount houseDiscount instrumentsDiscount note
Discount rateDiscount yieldDiscounted cash flow
Discounted income modelDiscounted paybackDiscounting
Discovery assessmentDiscrete random variableDiscretionary payment
Diseconomies of scaleDisequilibrium unemploymentDishonour
DisintermediationDisposal valueDisruptor
DistinguishDistributable reservesDistributed Ledger Technology
Distributed denial of serviceDistributed ledgerDistributing
Distribution costsDistribution methodDistributive
Distributor financeDiversifiable riskDiversification
DiversityDiverted profits taxDivestment
DividendDividend cleaning companyDividend cover
Dividend discount modelDividend growth modelDividend irrelevance
Dividend irrelevancy theoryDividend payout ratioDividend per share
Dividend record dateDividend valuation modelDividend yield
Divisia moneyDocumentary collectionDocumentary credit
Documentary tradeDocumentationDocumentation risk
Documents against acceptanceDocuments against paymentDodd-Frank
DogDollar value of a basis pointDomestic bond
Domestic factoringDomestic fundDomicile
Dominant portfolioDominateDomino effect
DormantDouble-whammyDouble counting
Double dipDouble dutyDouble entry
Double entry bookkeepingDouble financingDouble tax treaties
Double taxationDouble taxation reliefDouble taxation treaties
DowngradeDownside riskDownstream
DrawdownDraweeDrawee bank
DrawerDrawingsDrop-lock bond
DryDual aspect conventionDual capacity
Dual currency bondDual keyDual reporting