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Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development BankEcommerceEconometrics
Economic actorEconomic and Financial Affairs CouncilEconomic and Financial Committee
Economic capitalEconomic environmentEconomic exposure
Economic foreign exchange exposureEconomic order quantityEconomic profit
Economic resourceEconomic riskEconomic value
Economic value addedEconomic value of equityEconomics
Economies of scaleEconomyEcosystem
Ecosystem servicesEcyclingEffective
Effective annual rateEffective annual yieldEffective convexity
Effective durationEffective interest methodEffective interest rate
Effective lower boundEffective rate of interestEffective tax rate
EfficiencyEfficiency ratioEfficient frontier
Efficient marketEfficient market hypothesisEfficient markets hypothesis
Efficient portfolioEgyptEiusdem generis
ElectionElectric vehicleElectrolysis
Electronic Banking Internet Communication StandardElectronic bank account managementElectronic bill presentment and payment
Electronic checkElectronic commerceElectronic communication network
Electronic data interchangeElectronic funds transferElectronic funds transfer at point of sale
Electronic invoice presentment and paymentElectronic lockboxElectronic money
Electronic purseElectronic walletEligible bill
Eligible bill rateEligible collateralEligible liabilities
Embedded carbonEmbedded derivativeEmbedded finance
Embedded optionEmbodied carbonEmergency liquidity assistance
Emerging Payments AssociationEmerging currencyEmerging market
Emerging technologiesEmission trading schemeEmissions
Emotional intelligenceEmpathyEmphasis of matter
EmployeeEmployee Nominated TrusteeEmployee Ownership Association
Employee Retirement Income Security ActEmployerEmployment cost index
Enabling ActEnabling activitiesEncryption
EncumberedEncumbranceEnd-of-day gross settlement system
End user developmentEndorseeEndorsement
EndorserEndowmentEnergy Transitions Commission
EnforcementEngagement letterEnhancement expenditure
EntanglementEnterpriseEnterprise-wide resource planning system
Enterprise Investment SchemeEnterprise resource planningEnterprise risk management
Enterprise valueEntityEntrepreneur
EntryEntry age methodEntry price
Environmental & Social issuesEnvironmental Impact AssessmentEnvironmental KPI
Environmental Management SystemEnvironmental ObjectiveEnvironmental concerns
Environmental crimeEnvironmental impactEnvironmental profit and loss
Environmental riskEpidemicEpsilon
EqualityEquality and Human Rights CommissionEquated instalment
EquationEquator PrinciplesEquifinality
EquilibriumEquilibrium unemploymentEquity
Equity accountingEquity betaEquity capital
Equity capital marketEquity cost of capitalEquity instrument
Equity investmentsEquity marketEquity method
Equity riskEquity risk premiumEquity structured deposit
Equity swapEquivalenceEquivalent Annual Rate
Error termEscrowEscrow account
Ethical businessEthical hackerEthical hacking
EthicsEthics and corporate governanceEthics washing
Ethnicity pay gapEuSEFEuSpRIG
Euro Banking AssociationEuro LIBOREuro Medium Term Note
Euro Overnight Index AverageEuro Stoxx 50Euro area
Euro bondEuro interbank offered rateEuro zone
Eurocommercial paperEurocreditEurocurrency
Eurocurrency marketsEurodepositEurodollars
Euronote facilityEuropeanEuropean-style option
European Association of Corporate TreasurersEuropean Association of Payment Service Providers for MerchantsEuropean Bank for Reconstruction and Development
European Banking AuthorityEuropean Banking FederationEuropean Central Bank
European CommissionEuropean CommunityEuropean Community law
European Convention on Human RightsEuropean CouncilEuropean Court of Auditors
European Court of JusticeEuropean Covered Bond CouncilEuropean Customs Union
European Economic AreaEuropean Economic CommunityEuropean Economic and Monetary Union
European Financial Reporting Advisory GroupEuropean Financial Stability FacilityEuropean Free Trade Association
European Freight Trades AssociationEuropean Fund and Asset Management AssociationEuropean Fund for Strategic Investments
European Green DealEuropean Insurance and Occupational Pensions AuthorityEuropean Investment Bank
European Investment FundEuropean Leveraged Finance AssociationEuropean Mentoring & Coaching Council
European Monetary SystemEuropean Monetary UnionEuropean Money Markets Institute
European Mortgage FederationEuropean Order for PaymentEuropean Parliament
European Payments CouncilEuropean Payments InitiativeEuropean Securities and Markets Authority
European Stability MechanismEuropean Supervisory AuthorityEuropean System of Central Banks
European System of Financial SupervisionEuropean Systemic Risk BoardEuropean Union
European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Act 2020European Venues and Intermediaries Association
European currency unitEuropean high-yield market coming of ageEuropean option
EurosystemEuroyenEuroyen TIBOR
EurozoneEurozone crisisEvaluated receipts settlement
EvaluationEvent-driven financingEvent after the balance sheet date
Event of defaultEvent riskEvergreen deposit
Evergreen facilityEvictionEx-Im Bank
Ex divEx dividendEx int
Ex interestExaminershipExcel
ExceptionExceptional itemExceptionals
ExcessExcess ReturnExchange
Exchange-for-value systemExchange-traded fundsExchange-traded option
Exchange Market SizeExchange Rate MechanismExchange Traded Commodity
Exchange controlsExchange creditorsExchange difference
Exchange rateExchange tradedExchangeable bond
Excise dutyExclusion clauseExecution
Execution windowExecutiveExecutive coaching
ExemptExempt approved statusExempt gain
Exempt incomeExemption clauseExercise
Exercise priceExercise rateExistential coaching
Existing assetExitExit day
Exit priceExit yieldExotic
Exotic currenciesExotic optionExpansion option
Expectation gapExpectations theoryExpected Loss
Expected cash flowExpected credit lossExpected rate of return
Expected valueExpenditureExpense
Expense reliefExpensesExperience
Experience gains and lossesExpiry dateExponential
Exponential constantExponential functionExponential growth
Exponential smoothingExport-Import Bank of the United StatesExport Credits Guarantee Department
Export Development GuaranteeExport credit agencyExport factor
Export factoringExport financeExports