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Napierian logarithmNarrative coachingNarrow money
National Asset Management AgencyNational Association of Corporate TreasurersNational Association of Pension Funds
National Audit OfficeNational Crime AgencyNational Cyber Security Centre
National Economic CouncilNational Economic Crime CentreNational Institute for Economic and Social Research
National InsuranceNational Living WageNational income
National insurance contributionsNational security industrial complexNationalisation
Nationally determined contributionNatural Capital CoalitionNatural Capital Committee
Natural Capital ProtocolNatural capitalNatural interest rate
Natural language generationNatural language processingNatural logarithm
Natural monopolyNear cashNear leg
Near risk-free ratesNecessityNegative
Negative automatic thoughtsNegative cost collarNegative covenant
Negative equityNegative externalityNegative goodwill
Negative interest rate policiesNegative linear relationshipNegative outlook
Negative pledgeNegative screeningNegative yield curve
NegligenceNegligent misrepresentationNegotiable instrument
Negotiating bankNemo dat quod non habetNeo-bank
Neo-classical economicsNetNet Stable Funding Ratio
Net asset valuationNet asset valueNet assets
Net book valueNet credit/debit positionNet debit cap
Net incomeNet interestNet interest risk
Net investment hedge accountingNet operating profit after taxNet operating profit less adjusted taxes
Net present valueNet profitNet profit margin
Net profit percentageNet profit ratioNet realisable value
Net settlementNet settlement systemNet short position
Net working capitalNet worthNet zero
NetherlandsNettingNetting by novation
Netting centreNetwork bankNetwork for Greening the Financial System
Network of Central Banks and Supervisors for Greening the Financial SystemNeuro-linguistic programmingNeurodivergent
NeurotypicalNeutral interest rateNeutral rate
NeutralityNewCHAPSNew Economics Foundation
New FinancialNew Hanseatic LeagueNew Payments Platform
New York Funding RateNew York Stock ExchangeNiGEM
NilNil paidNo-arbitrage
No BrexitNo DealNo arbitrage conditions
No free lunchNominalNominal Ledger
Nominal annual discount rateNominal annual rateNominal annual yield
Nominal bondNominal rateNominal value
Nominal yieldNomineeNon-Dated Liabilities
Non-Executive DirectorNon-Financial Reporting DirectiveNon-bank financial intermediaries
Non-callableNon-controlling interestNon-cooperative tax jurisdiction
Non-currentNon-current asset turnoverNon-current assets
Non-current liabilitiesNon-deliverable forwardNon-deliverable option
Non-disclosure agreementNon-discretionary paymentNon-diversifiable risk
Non-financial counterpartyNon-financial covenantNon-investment grade
Non-investment productNon-maturing depositNon-maturity deposit
Non-monetary itemsNon-paperNon-parallel risk
Non-parallel shockNon-performing assetNon-performing loan
Non-recourseNon-resident bank accountsNon-standard monetary policy
Non-tradeNon-trading bookNon-trading credit
Non-trading debitNon-trading deficitNon-trading loan
Non-transferable riskNon-utilisation feeNon recourse finance
Non ring fenced bankNon wasting chattelNormal contribution rate
Normal distributionNormal frequency distributionNormal good
Normal profitNormative statementNorms-based screening
North American Free Trade AgreementNostroNostro account
NotesNotionalNotional allowances
Notional amountNotional poolNotional pooling
Notional principalNotional valueNovation
Null hypothesisNumeratorO/N
OECD model tax conventionOEICOEM
Obiter dictaObject clauseObjectivity
Objects clauseObligationObligor
Obligor bankObservable valuation inputsObsessive compulsive disorder
Occupational Pensions Advisory ServiceOccupational Pensions Defence UnionOccupational Pensions Regulatory Authority
Occupational pension schemeOfcomOff-balance sheet finance
Off-marketOff balance sheetOff balance sheet finance
Off balance sheet riskOff legOff the run
Off the shelf companyOff the shelf packageOffer
Offer for saleOffer priceOfferee
Offering circularOffering memorandumOfferor
Office for Budget ResponsibilityOffice for National StatisticsOffice for Professional Body Anti-Money Laundering Supervision
Office of Fair TradingOffice of Financial Sanctions ImplementationOffice of the Comptroller of the Currency
Official Bank RateOfficial Journal of the European UnionOfficial Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum
Official ReceiverOfficial reservesOffline
OffsetOffshoreOffshore fund
OligopolyOmnichannelOn-demand bond
On the runOne-leg-out paymentOne leg payment
One tailed testOne touch optionOnline
OnshoreOnside legOntological coaching
Op POpcoOpen-ended investment company
Open BankingOpen accountOpen banking
Open banking APIsOpen contract nettingOpen economy
Open interestOpen market operationsOpen outcry
Open positionOpen sourceOpening leg
Operating activitiesOperating and Financial ReviewOperating company
Operating cycleOperating leaseOperating profit
Operating profit marginOperating profit per employeeOperating profit percentage
Operating profit ratioOperating unitOperational Standing Facilities
Operational balancesOperational gearingOperational risk
Operations riskOpexOpportunity cost
Opportunity cost of capitalOpportunity lossOpportunity risk
Optical character recognitionOptimal capital structureOptimisation
Optimism biasOptionOption buyer
Option holderOption premiumOption risk
Option sellerOption to taxOption writer