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NeurotypicalNeutral interest rateNeutral rate
NeutralityNew-to-earth assetNewCHAPS
New DealNew Economics FoundationNew Financial
New Hanseatic LeagueNew Payments ArchitectureNew Payments Platform
New York FedNew York Funding RateNew York Stock Exchange
New buildNew issue concessionNew issue premium
Nexus ruleNiGEMNib
Nil paidNo-arbitrageNo Brexit
No DealNo arbitrage conditionsNo free lunch
NominalNominal LedgerNominal annual discount rate
Nominal annual rateNominal annual yieldNominal bond
Nominal rateNominal valueNominal yield
NomineeNon-Dated LiabilitiesNon-Executive Director
Non-Executive Directors' AssociationNon-Financial Reporting DirectiveNon-GAAP earnings
Non-GAAP measuresNon-adjusting eventNon-bank financial intermediaries
Non-callableNon-controlling interestNon-cooperative tax jurisdiction
Non-cumulative compounded rateNon-currentNon-current asset turnover
Non-current assetsNon-current liabilitiesNon-deliverable forward
Non-deliverable optionNon-disclosure agreementNon-discretionary payment
Non-diversifiable riskNon-financial corporateNon-financial counterparty
Non-financial covenantNon-financial riskNon-fungible token
Non-investment gradeNon-investment productNon-linear
Non-maturing depositNon-maturity depositNon-monetary items
Non-paperNon-parallel riskNon-parallel shock
Non-performingNon-performing assetNon-performing loan
Non-recourseNon-representativeNon-resident bank accounts
Non-standard monetary policyNon-tradeNon-trading book
Non-trading creditNon-trading debitNon-trading deficit
Non-trading loanNon-transferable riskNon-utilisation fee
Non recourse financeNon ring fenced bankNonprofit
NormNormalNormal contribution rate
Normal distributionNormal frequency distributionNormal good
Normal profitNormative statementNorms-based investment
Norms-based screeningNorth American Free Trade AgreementNorthern Ireland Executive
NostroNostro accountNot-for-profit
NotchNoteNote purchase agreement
NotesNotionalNotional allowances
Notional amountNotional poolNotional pooling
Notional principalNotional valueNovation
Null hypothesisNumeratorO/N
OECDOECD model tax conventionOEIC
Obiter dictaObject clauseObjectivity
Objects clauseObligating eventObligation
ObligorObligor bankObservable valuation inputs
Obsessive compulsive disorderOccupational Pensions Advisory ServiceOccupational Pensions Defence Union
Occupational Pensions Regulatory AuthorityOccupational pension schemeOcean acidification
OfcomOff-balance sheet financeOff-market
Off balance sheetOff balance sheet financeOff balance sheet risk
Off legOff the runOff the shelf company
Off the shelf packageOfferOffer for sale
Offer priceOffer rateOfferee
Offering circularOffering memorandumOfferor
Office for Budget ResponsibilityOffice for Environmental ProtectionOffice for National Statistics
Office for Professional Body Anti-Money Laundering SupervisionOffice of Fair TradingOffice of Financial Sanctions Implementation
Office of the Comptroller of the CurrencyOfficial Bank RateOfficial Journal of the European Union
Official Monetary and Financial Institutions ForumOfficial ReceiverOfficial reserves
Offshore fundOfftakeOfftaker
OligopolyOmnichannelOn-demand bond
On the runOne-leg-out paymentOne leg payment
One tailed testOne touch optionOnline
OnshoreOnside legOntological coaching
Op POpaqueOpco
Open-endedOpen-ended investment companyOpen Banking
Open Banking Implementation EntityOpen accountOpen banking
Open banking APIsOpen contract nettingOpen economy
Open interestOpen market operationsOpen outcry
Open positionOpen sourceOpening leg
Operating activitiesOperating and Financial ReviewOperating cash
Operating companyOperating cycleOperating lease
Operating profitOperating profit marginOperating profit per employee
Operating profit percentageOperating profit ratioOperating segment
Operating systemOperating unitOperational Standing Facilities
Operational assetOperational balancesOperational carbon
Operational gearingOperational riskOperations
Operations riskOpexOpportunity cost
Opportunity cost of capitalOpportunity lossOpportunity risk
Optical character recognitionOptimal capital structureOptimisation
Optimism biasOptionOption buyer
Option holderOption premiumOption risk
Option sellerOption to taxOption writer
Order bookOrder book for Retail BondsOrder to cash cycle
Orderly marketOrdinary investmentsOrdinary resolution
Ordinary sharesOrganicOrganisation
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and DevelopmentOrganised trading facilityOrganizational coaching
OriginationOriginatorOstensible authority
Other comprehensive incomeOther price riskOut-turn
Out of the moneyOutageOutflow
OutlierOutputOutput price index
Output taxOutrightOutright Monetary Transactions
OutsourcingOutturnOver-allotment option
Over night index average rateOver the counterOver trading
Overall Liquidity Adequacy RuleOverdraftOverdrawn
Overlay bankOvernight index swapOvernight indexed swap
Overnight moneyOverseasOvershooting
Oversight of payment systemsOwn fundsOwner earnings
OxbridgeOxford EconomicsP&A