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PPCPPC Compliance BoardPPE
PaaSPaasche indexPaced Transition Plan
Packing creditPacking financePaid on production
Pan-European Automated Clearing HousePanama PapersPanda bond
PaperPaperless credit transfersPar
Par bondPar ratePar value
Par yieldParadise PapersParallel risk
Parallel shockParent companyParent currency
Parent undertakingPari passuPari passu clause
Paris AgreementParityParity grid
Parliamentary Commission on Banking StandardsParliamentary supremacyPartial exemption
Partial re-investmentParticipant in an FTSParticipating interest
ParticipationParticipatorPartner bank
PartnershipPassing-offPassive bookrunner
Passive incomePassportPassporting
Past service costPast service liabilitiesPatent
Patent cliffPayPay.UK
PayPalPay as you earnPay as you go
Pay downPayable through draftPayables
Payables daysPayables financePayables management
PaybackPayback periodPayee
Paying agentPaymPayment
Payment Services DirectivePayment Services RegulationsPayment Systems Regulator
Payment association/clubPayment factoryPayment float
Payment for Order FlowPayment in advancePayment in kind
Payment nettingPayment orderPayment practices reporting
Payment service providerPayment service userPayment system
Payment versus paymentPayments Council
Payments DirectivePayments UKPayments and payment systems
PayoffPayorPayout ratio
Payroll taxPdPeak demand
Peak oilPearson's Coefficient of SkewPecking order theory
Peer-to-peerPegPegged currency
PenaltyPenalty clausePenrose Inquiry
PensionPension Benefit Guaranty CorporationPension Protection Fund
Pension Protection Fund OmbudsmanPension Scheme ArrangementPension assets
Pension buyoutPension costPension fraction
Pension fundPension liabilitiesPension plan
Pension schemePensionable salaryPensionable service
PensionerPensioner existence fraudPensions Act
Pensions Compensation BoardPensions Management InstitutePensions Ombudsman
Pensions Policy InstitutePensions RegulatorPensions Research Accountants Group
Pensions and Lifetime Savings AssociationPensions riskPer incuriam
Per millePercentagePercentage point
PercentilePerfect competitionPerfect markets
PerformancePerformance bondPerformance ratio
Performance riskPerformance spreadPeriod costs
Period of accountPeriodicPeriodic discount rate
Periodic interestPeriodic ratePeriodic rate of interest
Periodic yieldPeriphery countriesPerk
Permanent establishmentPerpetual bondPerpetuity
Perpetuity duePerpetuity factorPerpetuity formula
PerquisitePersonal allowancePersonal brand
Personal identification numberPersonal service companyPersonnel control
Persons discharging managerial responsibilityPesoPetition
PetrodollarPetroyuanPetty cash
PfandbriefPharmaPhillips curve
PhishingPhoenix administrationPhysical
Physical access controlPhysical controlPhysical supply chain
PiPictogramPie chart
Pillar 1Pillar 2Pillar 2A
Pillar 2BPillar 2B bufferPillar 3
PipPipelinePipeline risk
PlacementPlacingPlain vanilla
Planning and projectsPlant and machinery allowancesPlaza Accord
PointPoint and figure chartPoint of sale
PointsPoisson distributionPoland
Political riskPoolingPopulation
Portfolio Decarbonization CoalitionPortfolio analysisPortfolio hedging
Portfolio immunisationPortfolio investmentPortfolio revaluation approach
PositionPosition nettingPositive cost collar
Positive linear relationshipPositive outlookPositive pay
Positive relationshipPositive screeningPositive statement
Positive yield curvePostPost-dated cheque
Post-shipment financePost-taxPost balance sheet event
Postal floatPotential Future ExposurePound
Pound sterlingPower of a testPp
Practice notePraecipiumPre-ESTER
Pre-emption rightsPre-export financePre-hedging
Pre-settlement riskPre-shipment financePre-tax
Pre-transaction riskPre-transactional exposurePre-€STR
Pre pack administrationPrecautions motivePrecedent
Preference dividendPreference sharesPreferential creditor
Preferential tax regimePreferred sharesPreferred stock
Preliminary rulingsPremiaPremium
Premium ListingPrepaid cardPrepayment
Prepayment riskPrepaymentsPresent value
Presentation currencyPresenting bankPresentment
PricePrice discoveryPrice earnings ratio
Price elasticity of demandPrice elasticity of supplyPrice fixing
Price formationPrice indexationPrice maker
Price riskPrice takerPrice talk
Price to earnings ratioPrice transparencyPrice value of a basis point
Price whispersPricing gridPrimary Loss Absorbing Capacity
Primary Loss Absorbing CapitalPrimary contributionsPrimary financial statements
Primary legislationPrimary marketPrimary statements
Primary surplusPrimePrime bank
Prime brokeragePrime costPrime number
Prime ratePrincipalPrincipal employer
Principal riskPrincipal valuePrincipal write down
PrinciplePrinciples for Responsible InvestmentPrior service cost