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Paasche indexPaced Transition PlanPacking credit
Packing financePaid on productionPan-European Automated Clearing House
Panama PapersPanda bondPaper
Paperless credit transfersParPar bond
Par ratePar valuePar yield
Paradise PapersParallel riskParallel shock
Parent companyParent currencyParent undertaking
Pari passuPari passu clauseParis Agreement
ParityParity gridParliamentary Commission on Banking Standards
Parliamentary supremacyPartial exemptionPartial re-investment
Participant in an FTSParticipating interestParticipation
ParticipatorPartner bankPartnership
Passing-offPassive bookrunnerPassive income
PassportPassportingPast service cost
Past service liabilitiesPatentPatent cliff
Pay as you earnPay as you goPay down
Payable through draftPayablesPayables days
Payables financePayables managementPayback
Payback periodPayeePaying agent
PaymPaymentPayment Services Directive
Payment Services RegulationsPayment Systems RegulatorPayment association/club
Payment factoryPayment floatPayment for Order Flow
Payment in advancePayment in kindPayment netting
Payment orderPayment practices reportingPayment service provider
Payment service userPayment systemPayment versus payment
Payments CouncilPayments Directive
Payments UKPayments and payment systemsPayoff
PayorPayout ratioPayroll tax
PdPeak demandPeak oil
Pearson's Coefficient of SkewPecking order theoryPeer-to-peer
PegPegged currencyPenalty
Penalty clausePenrose InquiryPension
Pension Benefit Guaranty CorporationPension Protection FundPension Protection Fund Ombudsman
Pension Scheme ArrangementPension assetsPension buyout
Pension costPension fractionPension fund
Pension liabilitiesPension planPension scheme
Pensionable salaryPensionable servicePensioner
Pensioner existence fraudPensions ActPensions Compensation Board
Pensions Management InstitutePensions OmbudsmanPensions Policy Institute
Pensions RegulatorPensions Research Accountants GroupPensions and Lifetime Savings Association
Pensions riskPer incuriamPer mille
PercentagePercentage pointPercentile
Perfect competitionPerfect marketsPerformance
Performance bondPerformance ratioPerformance risk
Performance spreadPeriod costsPeriod of account
PeriodicPeriodic discount ratePeriodic interest
Periodic ratePeriodic rate of interestPeriodic yield
Periphery countriesPerkPermanent establishment
Perpetual bondPerpetuityPerpetuity due
Perpetuity factorPerpetuity formulaPerquisite
Personal allowancePersonal brandPersonal identification number
Personal service companyPersonnel controlPersons discharging managerial responsibility
PetroyuanPetty cashPfandbrief
PharmaPhillips curvePhishing
Phoenix administrationPhysicalPhysical access control
Physical controlPhysical supply chainPi
PictogramPie chartPillar 1
Pillar 2Pillar 2APillar 2B
Pillar 2B bufferPillar 3Pip
PipelinePipeline riskPlacement
PlacingPlain vanillaPlanning and projects
Plant and machinery allowancesPlaza AccordPlc
Point and figure chartPoint of salePoints
Poisson distributionPolandPolitical risk
PorterPortfolioPortfolio Decarbonization Coalition
Portfolio analysisPortfolio hedgingPortfolio immunisation
Portfolio investmentPortfolio revaluation approachPosition
Position nettingPositive cost collarPositive linear relationship
Positive outlookPositive payPositive relationship
Positive screeningPositive statementPositive yield curve
PostPost-dated chequePost-shipment finance
Post-taxPost balance sheet eventPostal float
Potential Future ExposurePoundPound sterling
Power of a testPpPractice note
PraecipiumPre-ESTERPre-emption rights
Pre-export financePre-hedgingPre-settlement risk
Pre-shipment financePre-taxPre-transaction risk
Pre-transactional exposurePre-€STRPre pack administration
Precautions motivePrecedentPreference dividend
Preference sharesPreferential creditorPreferential tax regime
Preferred sharesPreferred stockPreliminary rulings
PremiaPremiumPremium Listing
Prepaid cardPrepaymentPrepayment risk
PrepaymentsPresent valuePresentation currency
Presenting bankPresentmentPrice
Price discoveryPrice earnings ratioPrice elasticity of demand
Price elasticity of supplyPrice fixingPrice formation
Price indexationPrice makerPrice risk
Price takerPrice talkPrice to earnings ratio
Price transparencyPrice value of a basis pointPrice whispers
Pricing gridPrimary Loss Absorbing CapacityPrimary Loss Absorbing Capital
Primary contributionsPrimary financial statementsPrimary legislation
Primary marketPrimary statementsPrimary surplus
PrimePrime bankPrime brokerage
Prime costPrime numberPrime rate
PrincipalPrincipal employerPrincipal risk
Principal valuePrincipal write downPrinciple
Principles for Responsible InvestmentPrior service costPrior year adjustments
Private BillPrivate Finance 2Private banking
Private bondPrivate client brokerPrivate cloud
Private companyPrivate equity
Private equity housePrivate international lawPrivate placement