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Paasche indexPacking creditPacking finance
Paid on productionPan-European Automated Clearing HousePanda bond
Paperless credit transfersParPar bond
Par ratePar valuePar yield
Parallel riskParallel shockParent company
Parent currencyParent undertakingPari passu
Pari passu clauseParityParity grid
Parliamentary Commission on Banking StandardsParliamentary supremacyPartial exemption
Partial re-investmentParticipant in an FTSParticipating interest
ParticipationParticipatorPartner bank
PartnershipPassing-offPassive bookrunner
Passive incomePassportPassporting
Past service costPast service liabilitiesPatent
PayPay as you earnPay as you go
Pay downPayable through draftPayables
Payables financePayables managementPayback
Payback periodPayeePaying agent
PaymPaymentPayment Services Directive
Payment Systems RegulatorPayment association/clubPayment factory
Payment floatPayment for Order FlowPayment in advance
Payment in kindPayment nettingPayment order
Payment service providerPayment systemPayment versus payment
Payments CouncilPayments UK
Payments and payment systemsPayoffPayor
Payout ratioPayroll taxPd
Peak demandPeak oilPearson's Coefficient of Skew
Pecking order theoryPeer-to-peerPeg
Pegged currencyPenrose InquiryPension
Pension Benefit Guaranty CorporationPension Protection FundPension Protection Fund Ombudsman
Pension assetsPension costPension fraction
Pension fundPension liabilitiesPension plan
Pension schemePensionable salaryPensionable service
PensionerPensioner existence fraudPensions Act
Pensions Compensation BoardPensions Management InstitutePensions Ombudsman
Pensions Policy InstitutePensions RegulatorPensions Research Accountants Group
Pensions and Lifetime Savings AssociationPensions riskPer incuriam
Per millePercentage pointPercentile
Perfect competitionPerfect marketsPerformance
Performance bondPerformance riskPerformance spread
Period of accountPeriodicPeriodic discount rate
Periodic interestPeriodic ratePeriodic rate of interest
Periodic yieldPerkPermanent establishment
Perpetual bondPerpetuityPerpetuity due
Perpetuity factorPerpetuity formulaPerquisite
Personal allowancePersonal identification numberPersonnel control
PetroyuanPetty cashPfandbrief
PharmaPhillips curvePhishing
Phoenix administrationPhysicalPhysical access control
Physical controlPhysical supply chainPi
PictogramPie chartPillar 1
Pillar 2Pillar 2APillar 2B
Pillar 2B bufferPillar 3Pip
PipelinePipeline riskPlacement
PlacingPlain vanillaPlanning and projects
Plant and machinery allowancesPlcPledge
PointPoint and figure chartPoint of sale
PointsPoisson distributionPoland
Political riskPoolingPopulation
Portfolio analysisPortfolio hedgingPortfolio immunisation
Portfolio investmentPortfolio revaluation approachPosition
Position nettingPositive cost collarPositive linear relationship
Positive payPositive relationshipPositive statement
Positive yield curvePost-shipment financePost-tax
Post balance sheet eventPostal floatPotential Future Exposure
PoundPound sterlingPower of a test
PpPractice notePraecipium
Pre-emption rightsPre-export financePre-hedging
Pre-settlement riskPre-shipment financePre-tax
Pre-transaction riskPre-transactional exposurePrecautions motive
PrecedentPreference sharesPreferential creditor
Preferred sharesPreferred stockPreliminary rulings
PremiaPremiumPremium Listing
Prepaid cardPrepaymentPrepayment risk
PrepaymentsPresent valuePresentation currency
Presenting bankPresentmentPrice
Price discoveryPrice earnings ratioPrice elasticity of demand
Price elasticity of supplyPrice formationPrice indexation
Price makerPrice riskPrice taker
Price talkPrice to earnings ratioPrice transparency
Price value of a basis pointPrice whispersPricing grid
Primary Loss Absorbing CapacityPrimary Loss Absorbing CapitalPrimary contributions
Primary financial statementsPrimary legislationPrimary market
Primary statementsPrimePrime bank
Prime brokeragePrime ratePrincipal
Principal employerPrincipal riskPrincipal value
Principal write downPrior year adjustmentsPrivate Bill
Private bankingPrivate bondPrivate client broker
Private companyPrivate equity
Private equity housePrivate international lawPrivate placement
Private ratingPrivate sectorPrivatisation
Privity of contractProbabilityProbability of Default
Problem childProcess costingProcess re-engineering
Processing floatProcure to pay cycleProcurement
Procurement cardProcyclicalProducer Price Index
Product Market MatrixProduction possibility curvesProfessional Oversight Board
ProfitProfit after taxProfit and Loss account
Profit and Loss reserveProfit before interest and taxProfit centre
Profit marginProfit maximisationProfit maximising output
Profit shiftingProfit warningProfitability
Profitability indexProfits chargeable to Corporation TaxProhibitory injunction
Project analysisProject appraisalProject finance
Projected benefit obligationProjected earningsProjected unit method
Promissory notePrompt Payment CodePropco
Proper lawProperty lawProportionate consolidation
ProprietaryProprietary tradingProspective
Prospective benefits funding methodProspectusProspectus Directive
ProtectionismProvisionProvision of information
Provisional creditProvisional transferProxy
PrudencePrudentialPrudential Regulation Authority