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Pay.UKPay as you earnPay as you go
Pay downPayable through draftPayables
Payables daysPayables financePayables management
PaybackPayback periodPayee
Paying agentPaymPayment
Payment Services DirectivePayment Services RegulationsPayment Systems Regulator
Payment association/clubPayment factoryPayment float
Payment for Order FlowPayment in advancePayment in kind
Payment nettingPayment orderPayment practices reporting
Payment service providerPayment service userPayment system
Payment versus paymentPayments Council
Payments DirectivePayments UKPayments and payment systems
PayoffPayorPayout ratio
Payroll taxPdPeak demand
Peak oilPearson's Coefficient of SkewPecking order theory
Peer-to-peerPegPegged currency
PenaltyPenrose InquiryPension
Pension Benefit Guaranty CorporationPension Protection FundPension Protection Fund Ombudsman
Pension Scheme ArrangementPension assetsPension buyout
Pension costPension fractionPension fund
Pension liabilitiesPension planPension scheme
Pensionable salaryPensionable servicePensioner
Pensioner existence fraudPensions ActPensions Compensation Board
Pensions Management InstitutePensions OmbudsmanPensions Policy Institute
Pensions RegulatorPensions Research Accountants GroupPensions and Lifetime Savings Association
Pensions riskPer incuriamPer mille
Percentage pointPercentilePerfect competition
Perfect marketsPerformancePerformance bond
Performance ratioPerformance riskPerformance spread
Period costsPeriod of accountPeriodic
Periodic discount ratePeriodic interestPeriodic rate
Periodic rate of interestPeriodic yieldPeriphery countries
PerkPermanent establishmentPerpetual bond
PerpetuityPerpetuity duePerpetuity factor
Perpetuity formulaPerquisitePersonal allowance
Personal identification numberPersonal service companyPersonnel control
Persons discharging managerial responsibilityPesoPetition
PetrodollarPetroyuanPetty cash
PfandbriefPharmaPhillips curve
PhishingPhoenix administrationPhysical
Physical access controlPhysical controlPhysical supply chain
PiPictogramPie chart
Pillar 1Pillar 2Pillar 2A
Pillar 2BPillar 2B bufferPillar 3
PipPipelinePipeline risk
PlacementPlacingPlain vanilla
Planning and projectsPlant and machinery allowancesPlaza Accord
PointPoint and figure chartPoint of sale
PointsPoisson distributionPoland
Political riskPoolingPopulation
Portfolio Decarbonization CoalitionPortfolio analysisPortfolio hedging
Portfolio immunisationPortfolio investmentPortfolio revaluation approach
PositionPosition nettingPositive cost collar
Positive linear relationshipPositive outlookPositive pay
Positive relationshipPositive screeningPositive statement
Positive yield curvePost-dated chequePost-shipment finance
Post-taxPost balance sheet eventPostal float
Potential Future ExposurePoundPound sterling
Power of a testPpPractice note
PraecipiumPre-ESTERPre-emption rights
Pre-export financePre-hedgingPre-settlement risk
Pre-shipment financePre-taxPre-transaction risk
Pre-transactional exposurePre-€STRPre pack administration
Precautions motivePrecedentPreference dividend
Preference sharesPreferential creditorPreferential tax regime
Preferred sharesPreferred stockPreliminary rulings
PremiaPremiumPremium Listing
Prepaid cardPrepaymentPrepayment risk
PrepaymentsPresent valuePresentation currency
Presenting bankPresentmentPrice
Price discoveryPrice earnings ratioPrice elasticity of demand
Price elasticity of supplyPrice fixingPrice formation
Price indexationPrice makerPrice risk
Price takerPrice talkPrice to earnings ratio
Price transparencyPrice value of a basis pointPrice whispers
Pricing gridPrimary Loss Absorbing CapacityPrimary Loss Absorbing Capital
Primary contributionsPrimary financial statementsPrimary legislation
Primary marketPrimary statementsPrimary surplus
PrimePrime bankPrime brokerage
Prime costPrime ratePrincipal
Principal employerPrincipal riskPrincipal value
Principal write downPrinciplePrior service cost
Prior year adjustmentsPrivate BillPrivate Finance 2
Private bankingPrivate bondPrivate client broker
Private cloudPrivate company
Private equityPrivate equity housePrivate international law
Private placementPrivate ratingPrivate sector
PrivatisationPrivity of contractProbability
Probability Density FunctionProbability of DefaultProblem child
Process costingProcess re-engineeringProcessing float
Procure to pay cycleProcurementProcurement card
ProcyclicalProducer Price IndexProduct Market Matrix
Product life cycleProduction costProduction overheads
Production possibility curvesProductisationProfessional Oversight Board
Professional behaviourProfitProfit after tax
Profit after tax marginProfit and Loss accountProfit and Loss reserve
Profit attributable to ordinary shareholdersProfit before interest and taxProfit before tax
Profit before tax marginProfit before tax percentageProfit before tax ratio
Profit centreProfit marginProfit maximisation
Profit maximising outputProfit shiftingProfit warning
ProfitabilityProfitability indexProfitability ratio
Profits chargeable to Corporation TaxProhibitory injunctionProject analysis
Project appraisalProject financeProjected benefit obligation
Projected earningsProjected unit methodPromise
PromiseePromisorPromissory note
Prompt Payment CodeProof of conceptPropco
Proper lawProperty lawProportionate consolidation
Proportionate proceduresProprietaryProprietary trading
ProspectiveProspective benefits funding methodProspective financial information
ProspectusProspectus DirectiveProspectus Regulation
ProtectionismProvisionProvision of information
Provisional creditProvisional transferProxy
PrudencePrudentialPrudential Regulation Authority