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Pensions ActPensions Compensation BoardPensions Management Institute
Pensions OmbudsmanPensions Policy InstitutePensions Regulator
Pensions Research Accountants GroupPensions and Lifetime Savings AssociationPensions risk
Per incuriamPer millePercentage
Percentage pointPercentilePerfect competition
Perfect marketsPerformancePerformance bond
Performance ratioPerformance riskPerformance spread
Period costsPeriod of accountPeriodic
Periodic discount ratePeriodic interestPeriodic rate
Periodic rate of interestPeriodic yieldPeriphery countries
PerkPermanent establishmentPerpetual bond
PerpetuityPerpetuity duePerpetuity factor
Perpetuity formulaPerquisitePersonal allowance
Personal brandPersonal identification numberPersonal service company
Personnel controlPersons discharging managerial responsibilityPeso
Petty cashPfandbriefPharma
Phillips curvePhishingPhoenix administration
PhysicalPhysical access controlPhysical control
Physical supply chainPiPictogram
Pie chartPillar 1Pillar 2
Pillar 2APillar 2BPillar 2B buffer
Pillar 3PipPipeline
Pipeline riskPlacementPlacing
Plain vanillaPlanning and projectsPlant and machinery allowances
Plaza AccordPlcPledge
PoBoPointPoint and figure chart
Point of salePointsPoisson distribution
PolandPolitical riskPooling
PortfolioPortfolio Decarbonization CoalitionPortfolio analysis
Portfolio hedgingPortfolio immunisationPortfolio investment
Portfolio revaluation approachPositionPosition netting
Positive cost collarPositive linear relationshipPositive outlook
Positive payPositive relationshipPositive screening
Positive statementPositive yield curvePost
Post-dated chequePost-shipment financePost-tax
Post balance sheet eventPostal floatPotential Future Exposure
PoundPound sterlingPower of a test
PpPractice notePraecipium
Pre-ESTERPre-emption rightsPre-export finance
Pre-hedgingPre-settlement riskPre-shipment finance
Pre-taxPre-transaction riskPre-transactional exposure
Pre-€STRPre pack administrationPrecautions motive
PrecedentPreference dividendPreference shares
Preferential creditorPreferential tax regimePreferred shares
Preferred stockPreliminary rulingsPremia
PremiumPremium ListingPrepaid card
PrepaymentPrepayment riskPrepayments
Present valuePresentation currencyPresenting bank
PresentmentPricePrice discovery
Price earnings ratioPrice elasticity of demandPrice elasticity of supply
Price fixingPrice formationPrice indexation
Price makerPrice riskPrice taker
Price talkPrice to earnings ratioPrice transparency
Price value of a basis pointPrice whispersPricing grid
Primary Loss Absorbing CapacityPrimary Loss Absorbing CapitalPrimary contributions
Primary financial statementsPrimary legislationPrimary market
Primary statementsPrimary surplusPrime
Prime bankPrime brokeragePrime cost
Prime numberPrime ratePrincipal
Principal employerPrincipal riskPrincipal value
Principal write downPrinciplePrinciples for Responsible Investment
Prior service costPrior year adjustmentsPrivate Bill
Private Finance 2Private bankingPrivate bond
Private client brokerPrivate cloud
Private companyPrivate equityPrivate equity house
Private international lawPrivate placementPrivate rating
Private sectorPrivatisationPrivity of contract
ProbabilityProbability Density FunctionProbability of Default
Problem childProceeds of Crime Act 2002Process costing
Process re-engineeringProcessing floatProcure to pay cycle
ProcurementProcurement cardProcyclical
Producer Price IndexProduct Market MatrixProduct life cycle
Production costProduction overheadsProduction possibility curves
ProductisationProfessional Oversight BoardProfessional behaviour
ProfitProfit after taxProfit after tax margin
Profit and Loss accountProfit and Loss reserveProfit attributable to ordinary shareholders
Profit before interest and taxProfit before taxProfit before tax margin
Profit before tax percentageProfit before tax ratioProfit centre
Profit for purposeProfit marginProfit maximisation
Profit maximising outputProfit shiftingProfit warning
ProfitabilityProfitability indexProfitability ratio
Profits chargeable to Corporation TaxProhibitory injunctionProject analysis
Project appraisalProject financeProjected benefit obligation
Projected earningsProjected unit methodPromise
PromiseePromisorPromissory note
Prompt Payment CodeProof of conceptPropco
Proper lawProperty lawProportionate consolidation
Proportionate proceduresProprietaryProprietary trading
ProspectiveProspective benefits funding methodProspective financial information
ProspectusProspectus DirectiveProspectus Regulation
ProtectionismProvisionProvision of information
Provisional creditProvisional transferProxy
PrudencePrudentialPrudential Regulation Authority
Public Accounts CommitteePublic BillPublic Company Accounting Oversight Board
Public Debt CNAVPublic Interest EntityPublic bond
Public cloudPublic company
Public debtPublic information ratingPublic interest
Public international lawPublic key encryptionPublic key infrastructure
Public limited companyPublic ratingPublic sector
Public to private dealPuffPurchase and Assumption
Purchase day bookPurchase to pay cyclePurchased annuity
Purchasing Managers' IndexPurchasing cardPurchasing power parity
Push paymentPutPut-call parity theory
Put call parityPut optionPuttable
Putting a limit on lossesPwCQ1
QualifiedQualified audit reportQualifying expenditure
Qualitative techniquesQuangoQuantitative easing
Quantitative techniquesQuantitative tighteningQuantity theory of money