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Period costsPeriod of accountPeriodic
Periodic discount ratePeriodic interestPeriodic rate
Periodic rate of interestPeriodic yieldPeriphery countries
PerkPermanent establishmentPerpetual bond
PerpetuityPerpetuity duePerpetuity factor
Perpetuity formulaPerquisitePersonal allowance
Personal identification numberPersonal service companyPersonnel control
Persons discharging managerial responsibilityPesoPetition
PetrodollarPetroyuanPetty cash
PfandbriefPharmaPhillips curve
PhishingPhoenix administrationPhysical
Physical access controlPhysical controlPhysical supply chain
PiPictogramPie chart
Pillar 1Pillar 2Pillar 2A
Pillar 2BPillar 2B bufferPillar 3
PipPipelinePipeline risk
PlacementPlacingPlain vanilla
Planning and projectsPlant and machinery allowancesPlaza Accord
PointPoint and figure chartPoint of sale
PointsPoisson distributionPoland
Political riskPoolingPopulation
Portfolio analysisPortfolio hedgingPortfolio immunisation
Portfolio investmentPortfolio revaluation approachPosition
Position nettingPositive cost collarPositive linear relationship
Positive outlookPositive payPositive relationship
Positive statementPositive yield curvePost-dated cheque
Post-shipment financePost-taxPost balance sheet event
Postal floatPotential Future ExposurePound
Pound sterlingPower of a testPp
Practice notePraecipiumPre-emption rights
Pre-export financePre-hedgingPre-settlement risk
Pre-shipment financePre-taxPre-transaction risk
Pre-transactional exposurePrecautions motivePrecedent
Preference dividendPreference sharesPreferential creditor
Preferential tax regimePreferred sharesPreferred stock
Preliminary rulingsPremiaPremium
Premium ListingPrepaid cardPrepayment
Prepayment riskPrepaymentsPresent value
Presentation currencyPresenting bankPresentment
PricePrice discoveryPrice earnings ratio
Price elasticity of demandPrice elasticity of supplyPrice formation
Price indexationPrice makerPrice risk
Price takerPrice talkPrice to earnings ratio
Price transparencyPrice value of a basis pointPrice whispers
Pricing gridPrimary Loss Absorbing CapacityPrimary Loss Absorbing Capital
Primary contributionsPrimary financial statementsPrimary legislation
Primary marketPrimary statementsPrimary surplus
PrimePrime bankPrime brokerage
Prime costPrime ratePrincipal
Principal employerPrincipal riskPrincipal value
Principal write downPrior service costPrior year adjustments
Private BillPrivate Finance 2Private banking
Private bondPrivate client brokerPrivate cloud
Private companyPrivate equity
Private equity housePrivate international lawPrivate placement
Private ratingPrivate sectorPrivatisation
Privity of contractProbabilityProbability Density Function
Probability of DefaultProblem childProcess costing
Process re-engineeringProcessing floatProcure to pay cycle
ProcurementProcurement cardProcyclical
Producer Price IndexProduct Market MatrixProduct life cycle
Production costProduction overheadsProduction possibility curves
ProductisationProfessional Oversight BoardProfessional behaviour
ProfitProfit after taxProfit after tax margin
Profit and Loss accountProfit and Loss reserveProfit attributable to ordinary shareholders
Profit before interest and taxProfit before taxProfit before tax margin
Profit before tax percentageProfit before tax ratioProfit centre
Profit marginProfit maximisationProfit maximising output
Profit shiftingProfit warningProfitability
Profitability indexProfitability ratioProfits chargeable to Corporation Tax
Prohibitory injunctionProject analysisProject appraisal
Project financeProjected benefit obligationProjected earnings
Projected unit methodPromisePromisee
PromisorPromissory notePrompt Payment Code
Proof of conceptPropcoProper law
Property lawProportionate consolidationProportionate procedures
ProprietaryProprietary tradingProspective
Prospective benefits funding methodProspective financial informationProspectus
Prospectus DirectiveProtectionismProvision
Provision of informationProvisional creditProvisional transfer
Prudential Regulation AuthorityPublic Accounts CommitteePublic Bill
Public Company Accounting Oversight BoardPublic Debt CNAVPublic Interest Entity
Public bondPublic cloud
Public companyPublic information ratingPublic interest
Public international lawPublic key encryptionPublic key infrastructure
Public limited companyPublic ratingPublic sector
Public to private dealPuffPurchase and Assumption
Purchase day bookPurchase to pay cyclePurchased annuity
Purchasing cardPurchasing power parityPush payment
PutPut-call parity theoryPut call parity
Put optionPuttablePutting a limit on losses
QualificationsQualifiedQualified audit report
Qualifying expenditureQualitative techniquesQuango
Quantitative easingQuantitative techniquesQuantitative tightening
Quantity theory of moneyQuantum meruitQuarterly instalments
Quarterly rateQuartileQuartile deviation
Quasi-equityQueuingQuick ratio
Quid pro quoQuorumQuota
Quota samplingQuotation/QuoteQuoted
Quoted Eurobond ExemptionQuoted currencyQuoted rate