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Securities Financing TransactionSecurities Financing Transaction RegulationSecurities Investor Protection Corporation
Securities and Exchange CommissionSecurities lendingSecurities settlement system
SecuritisationSecuritisation RegulationSecuritisation special purpose vehicle
Securitisation swapSecuritySecurity Market Line
SeedSegregation of dutiesSelf-financing loan
Self-investment biasSelf administered pension schemeSelf management and accountability
Sell-side firmSemi-annual basisSemi-annual rate
Semi-fixed costSemi-strong market efficiencySemi-variable cost
SemiannualSender finalitySenior
Senior Managers RegimeSenior Managers and Certification RegimeSenior debt
Senior independent directorSenioritySensitivity
Sensitivity analysisSeparate legal orderSeparate personality principle
Series ASeries BSerious Fraud Office
ServerServiceService Organization Control
Service agreementService costService level agreement
Services Producer Price IndexServitisationSession cookie
Set-offSettled to marketSettlement
Settlement accountSettlement agentSettlement bank
Settlement dateSettlement finalitySettlement institution
Settlement lagSettlement nettingSettlement risk
Settlement systemSettlement unwindSettlor
SeveralSeveral liabilityShadow bank
Shadow bankingShadow directorShallow discount bond
ShareShare buy-backShare capital
Share for share exchangeShare of walletShare premium
Share premium accountShare splitShared Service Centre
Shared services centreShareholderShareholder Rights Directive
Shareholder returnsShareholder valueShareholder value analysis
ShareholdersShareholders cash flowShareholders’ funds
Sharia-compliant fixed income capital markets instruments for cross-border transactionsShockShort
Short-term investmentsShort-term notes payableShort chargeable accounting period
Short datesShort interestShort life asset
Short positionShort sellingShort term
Short termismSidejackingSight
Sight depositsSight draftSigma
Sign conventionSignallingSignature cards
Significance levelSignificance testingSignificant Risk Transfer
Silk Road bondSiloSilver bullet
Simple annuitySimple averageSimple interest
Simple investment accountingSimulationSimultaneous equations
SingaporeSingle Euro Payments AreaSingle Financial Guidance Body
Single MarketSingle Point of EntrySingle Resolution Board
Single Supervisory MechanismSingle capacitySingle legal account pooling
Single traderSinking fundSix sigma
SkewSkewed distributionSkewness
Small and Medium-sized EnterprisesSmart betaSmart cards
SmartphoneSmithsonian AgreementSmurfing
Social-engineeringSocial Bond PrinciplesSocial Business Trust
Social biasSocial bondSocial concerns
Social engineeringSocial enterpriseSocial impact bond
Social inclusion bondSociety for Worldwide Interbank Financial TelecommunicationsSociété d’Investissement à Capital Variable
SoftSoft BrexitSoft call protection
Soft currencySoftnessSoftware robot
Sole traderSolicited ratingSolvency
Solvency IISource biasSouth Africa
South KoreaSovereignSovereign debt
Sovereign fundSovereign issuanceSovereign risk
Sovereign wealth fundSovereigntySpA
SpainSpear phishingSpec-grade
Special Purpose EntitySpecial dividendSpecial drawing rights
Special endorsementSpecial purpose vehicleSpecific equity risk
Specific performanceSpecific riskSpeculation
SpeculativeSpeculative gradeSpeculative motive
Spens clauseSponsorSpoofing
SpotSpot marketSpot price
Spot rateSpot transactionSpot yield
SpreadSpread betSpread risk
Spread to Treasury/ GovernmentsSpreadsheetSpreadsheet Standards
Spreadsheet riskSpringing covenantSprint
Square MileSquare root of timeSqueeze
StabilityStability BondStability and Growth Pact
Stable outlookStagflationStakeholder
Stakeholder pension schemeStamp dutyStamp duty land tax
Stamp duty reserve taxStandard & Poor'sStandard Listing
Standard Setting BodyStandard contribution rateStandard cost
Standard cost cardStandard deviationStandard rated
Standardised ApproachStandardised corporate environmentStandardised normal distribution
Standby credit facilityStandby letter of creditStanding order
StarStare decisisStarting leg
State Administration of Foreign ExchangeState Earnings Related Pension SchemeState Pension
State Second PensionStatementStatement of Standard Accounting Practice
Statement of affairsStatement of cash flowsStatement of changes in equity
Statement of commitmentStatement of comprehensive incomeStatement of federal financial accounting concept
Statement of federal financial accounting standardStatement of financial accounting standardStatement of financial position
Statement of funding principlesStatement of investment principlesStatement of other comprehensive income
Statement of practiceStatement of profit or lossStatement of profit or loss and other comprehensive income
Statement of recognised income and expenseStatement of recommended practiceStatement of shareholders' equity
Statement of total recognised gains and lossesStatistical distributionStatistical inference
Statistical significanceStatisticsStats
StatuteStatute of limitationStatutory accounts
Statutory companyStatutory debtStatutory filing
Statutory funding objectiveStatutory instrumentStatutory liability
Statutory surplus basisStemStepped
Stepped interestStepped marginSterling
Sterling Monetary FrameworkSterling commercial paperSterling overnight index average
StewardshipStewardship CodeSticky
StochasticStochastic simulationStock
Stock-outStock exchangeStock exchange alternative trading service
Stock exchange automated quotation systemStock exchange electronic trading systemStock management
Stock outStock turnoverStockout
Stop-loss limitStraddleStraight-through processing
Straight bondStraight debtStraight line
Strategic ReportStrategic analysisStrategic business unit
Strategic cashStratified samplingStreamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting
StressStress testStrike price
Strike rateStrong Customer AuthenticationStrong form efficiency
StructuralStructural riskStructural subordination
Structured depositStructured financeSub
Sub-custodianSub-participationSub-prime lending
Sub-underwriterSubordinate legislationSubordinated debt
Subsidiary undertakingSubstance over formSubstantial shareholding
Substitute checkSubstitute productSubstitution
SuccessionSuggested solutionSukuk