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SenioritySensitivitySensitivity analysis
Separate legal orderSeparate personality principleSeries
Series ASeries BSerious Fraud Office
ServerServiceService Organization Control
Service agreementService costService level agreement
Services Producer Price IndexServitisationSession cookie
Set-offSettingSettled to market
SettlementSettlement accountSettlement agent
Settlement bankSettlement dateSettlement finality
Settlement institutionSettlement lagSettlement netting
Settlement riskSettlement systemSettlement unwind
SettlorSeveralSeveral liability
Shadow bankShadow bankingShadow director
Shadow modelShallow discount bondShaper
ShareShare buy-backShare capital
Share for share exchangeShare of walletShare premium
Share premium accountShare priceShare split
Shared Service CentreShared services centreShareholder
Shareholder Rights DirectiveShareholder returnsShareholder value
Shareholder value analysisShareholdersShareholders' agreement
Shareholders cash flowShareholders’ fundsShareholders’ wealth
ShareholdingSharia-compliant financeSharia-compliant fixed income capital markets instruments for cross-border transactions
Sharpe ratioShelf companyShell company
ShelterShillingShip Pfandbrief
ShockShortShort-term investments
Short-term money market fundShort-term notes payableShort Duration Bond Fund
Short Duration Fixed Income Bond FundShort chargeable accounting periodShort dates
Short durationShort interestShort life asset
Short positionShort sellingShort term
Short termismSide pocketSidejacking
SightSight depositsSight draft
SigmaSign conventionSignalling
Signature cardsSignificance levelSignificance testing
Significant Risk TransferSignificant institutionSilk Road bond
SiloSilver bulletSimple annuity
Simple averageSimple interestSimple investment accounting
SimulationSimultaneous equationsSingapore
Single-loop learningSingle Euro Payments AreaSingle Financial Guidance Body
Single Immediate PaymentSingle MarketSingle Point of Entry
Single Resolution BoardSingle Supervisory MechanismSingle capacity
Single legal account poolingSingle traderSinking fund
Sistema BSix capitalsSix sigma
SkewSkewed distributionSkewness
Skills and performance coachingSleevingSlope
SlottingSludge practicesSmall-cap
Small Business CommissionerSmall and Medium-sized EnterprisesSmart beta
Smart cardsSmart contractSmartphone
Smithsonian AgreementSmugglingSmurfing
SoGPSocial-engineeringSocial Bond Principles
Social Business TrustSocial Impact Investment TaskforceSocial Loan Principles
Social and relationship capitalSocial biasSocial bond
Social capitalSocial concernsSocial engineering
Social enterpriseSocial impact bondSocial inclusion bond
Social intelligenceSocial loafingSocial loan
Social projectSocial riskSocial taxonomy
Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial TelecommunicationsSociumSociété d’Investissement à Capital Variable
SoftSoft BrexitSoft call protection
Soft currencySoftnessSoftware
Software robotSolanaSolar CSP
Solar PVSole proprietorSole trader
Solicited ratingSolution-focused coachingSolvency
Solvency IISort codeSource bias
South AfricaSouth KoreaSovereign
Sovereign debtSovereign debt crisisSovereign fund
Sovereign immunitySovereign issuanceSovereign risk
Sovereign social bondSovereign wealth fundSovereignty
Spear phishingSpec-gradeSpecial Purpose Entity
Special dividendSpecial drawing rightsSpecial endorsement
Special purpose vehicleSpecial resolutionSpecialist
Specific equity riskSpecific performanceSpecific risk
SpeculationSpeculativeSpeculative grade
Speculative motiveSpeculatorSpens clause
Spot marketSpot priceSpot rate
Spot transactionSpot yieldSpread
Spread betSpread riskSpread to Treasury/ Governments
SpreadsheetSpreadsheet StandardsSpreadsheet risk
Springing covenantSprintSquare Mile
Square root of timeSqueezeStability
Stability BondStability and Growth PactStable net asset value
Stable outlookStablecoinStagflation
StakeholderStakeholder analysisStakeholder governance
Stakeholder pension schemeStakeholder valueStamp duty
Stamp duty land taxStamp duty reserve taxStandard
Standard & Poor'sStandard Industrial ClassificationStandard Listing
Standard Setting BodyStandard contribution rateStandard cost
Standard cost cardStandard deviationStandard rated
Standard variable rateStandardised ApproachStandardised corporate environment
Standardised normal distributionStandbyStandby credit facility
Standby letter of creditStandby liquidity agreementStanding order
StarStare decisisStarting leg
StateState Administration of Foreign ExchangeState Earnings Related Pension Scheme
State PensionState Second PensionState aid
State aid lawState immunityStatement
Statement of Good PracticeStatement of Standard Accounting PracticeStatement of affairs
Statement of cash flowsStatement of changes in equityStatement of commitment
Statement of comprehensive incomeStatement of directors' responsibilitiesStatement of federal financial accounting concept
Statement of federal financial accounting standardStatement of financial accounting standardStatement of financial position
Statement of funding principlesStatement of investment principlesStatement of operations
Statement of other comprehensive incomeStatement of practiceStatement of profit or loss
Statement of profit or loss and other comprehensive incomeStatement of recognised income and expenseStatement of recommended practice
Statement of shareholders' equityStatement of total recognised gains and lossesStatistical classification of economic activities in the European Community
Statistical distributionStatistical inferenceStatistical significance
StatisticsStatsStatus quo bias
StatuteStatute of limitationStatutory
Statutory accountsStatutory companyStatutory debt
Statutory demandStatutory dutyStatutory filing
Statutory funding objectiveStatutory instrumentStatutory interest
Statutory liabilityStatutory surplus basisStealth tax
Steering Committee for SOR & SIBOR Transition to SORAStemStepped
Stepped interestStepped marginSterling
Sterling Monetary FrameworkSterling commercial paperSterling exchange rate index
Sterling overnight index averageStewardshipStewardship Code
StickyStiftung FamilienunternehmenStochastic