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Settlement riskSettlement systemSettlement unwind
SettlorSeveralSeveral liability
Shadow bankShadow bankingShadow director
Shallow discount bondShareShare buy-back
Share capitalShare for share exchangeShare of wallet
Share premiumShare premium accountShare split
Shared Service CentreShareholderShareholder returns
Shareholder valueShareholder value analysisShareholders
Shareholders cash flowShareholders’ fundsSharia-compliant fixed income capital markets instruments for cross-border transactions
ShockShortShort-term investments
Short-term notes payableShort chargeable accounting periodShort dates
Short interestShort life assetShort position
Short sellingShort termSight
Sight depositsSight draftSigma
Sign conventionSignallingSignature cards
Significance levelSignificance testingSignificant Risk Transfer
Silk Road bondSiloSilver bullet
Simple annuitySimple interestSimple investment accounting
SimulationSimultaneous equationsSingapore
Single Euro Payments AreaSingle MarketSingle Point of Entry
Single Resolution BoardSingle Supervisory MechanismSingle capacity
Single legal account poolingSingle traderSinking fund
Six sigmaSkewSkewed distribution
Small and Medium-sized EnterprisesSmart betaSmart cards
SmartphoneSmithsonian AgreementSocial engineering
Social impact bondSociety for Worldwide Interbank Financial TelecommunicationsSociété d’Investissement à Capital Variable
SoftSoft call protectionSoft currency
Software robotSole traderSolicited rating
SolvencySolvency IISouth Africa
South KoreaSovereignSovereign debt
Sovereign issuanceSovereign riskSovereign wealth fund
Spear phishingSpec-gradeSpecial Purpose Entity
Special dividendSpecial drawing rightsSpecial endorsement
Special purpose vehicleSpecific equity riskSpecific performance
Specific riskSpeculationSpeculative
Speculative gradeSpeculative motiveSpens clause
Spot marketSpot priceSpot rate
Spot transactionSpot yieldSpread
Spread betSpread riskSpread to Treasury/ Governments
SpreadsheetSpreadsheet StandardsSpreadsheet risk
Springing covenantSprintSquare root of time
SqueezeStabilityStability Bond
Stability and Growth PactStagflationStakeholder
Stakeholder pension schemeStamp dutyStamp duty land tax
Stamp duty reserve taxStandard & Poor'sStandard Listing
Standard Setting BodyStandard contribution rateStandard cost
Standard deviationStandard ratedStandardised Approach
Standardised corporate environmentStandardised normal distributionStandby credit facility
Standby letter of creditStanding orderStar
Stare decisisStarting legState Earnings Related Pension Scheme
State PensionState Second PensionStatement
Statement of Standard Accounting PracticeStatement of affairsStatement of cash flows
Statement of changes in equityStatement of comprehensive incomeStatement of federal financial accounting concept
Statement of federal financial accounting standardStatement of financial accounting standardStatement of financial position
Statement of funding principlesStatement of investment principlesStatement of practice
Statement of profit or lossStatement of profit or loss and other comprehensive incomeStatement of recognised income and expense
Statement of recommended practiceStatement of shareholders' equityStatement of total recognised gains and losses
Statistical distributionStatistical inferenceStatistical significance
Statute of limitationStatutory accountsStatutory company
Statutory debtStatutory filingStatutory funding objective
Statutory instrumentStatutory liabilityStatutory surplus basis
SteppedStepped interestStepped margin
SterlingSterling Monetary FrameworkSterling commercial paper
Sterling overnight index averageStewardshipStewardship Code
Stock-outStock exchangeStock exchange alternative trading service
Stock exchange automated quotation systemStock exchange electronic trading systemStock management
Stock outStock turnoverStockout
Stop-loss limitStraddleStraight-through processing
Straight bondStraight debtStraight line
Strategic ReportStrategic analysisStrategic business unit
Strategic cashStratified samplingStress
Stress testStrike priceStrike rate
Strong form efficiencyStructuralStructural risk
Structural subordinationStructured depositSub
Sub-custodianSub-participationSub-prime lending
Sub-underwriterSubordinate legislationSubordinated debt
Subsidiary undertakingSubstance over formSubstantial shareholding
Substitute checkSubstitute productSubstitution
SuccessionSuggested solutionSukuk
Sum of the digitsSummary financial statementsSunk costs
Super contangoSupernormal profitSupertax
Supervisory Review and Evaluation ProcessSupervisory collegeSupplemental deed
Supplier creditSupplySupply chain
Supply chain financeSupply chain floatSupply chain management
Supply curveSupply elasticitySupply side policy
Support levelSupranationalSupranational bank
Supranational bondSurdSurety bond
SurplusSurrendering companySurvival period
SustainabilitySustainability bondSwap
Swap Break ClausesSwap execution facilitySwap overlay
Swap pointsSwap rateSwap spread
Swap spread riskSwapnoteSwaption
SweepSweep accountSweeping
Sweetheart dealSwing line facilitySwingline
Swiss Average Rate OvernightSwitchingSwitzerland
Symmetric distributionSyndicateSyndicated loan
Synthetic forwardSystem and network controlsSystematic internaliser
Systematic riskSystematic samplingSystemic Risk Buffer
Systemic riskSystemically Important Financial InstitutionSystems risk
Système Interbancaire de TélécompensationT-BillsT-Bonds