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Taxpayer’s CharterTech unicornTechnical analysis
Technical provisionsTechnical skillsTelco
TelematicsTemplate transferTemporal method
TenantTenderTender bond
Tender offerTender panelTender to contract cover
TermTerm debtTerm deposits
Term fixingTerm letter of creditTerm loan
Term outTerm rateTerm structure
Term structure of interest ratesTerminal Loss ReliefTerminal cash
Terminal valueTermination optionTerms currency
Terms of tradeTerrorist financingTest page
Test statisticThailandThatcherism
TheCityUKThe Bank
The Brady PlanThe CityThe City Code on Takeovers and Mergers
The CodeThe Investment AssociationThe Pensions Advisory Service
The RMB as a global currency: progress and challenges aheadThe RMB takes centre stage: the internationalisation journeyThe Renminbi takes centre stage: knowlege is power
The TreasurerThe Treasurer magazineThe Treasurers Handbook
The Working Group on Sterling Risk-Free Reference RatesThe future of poolingThe role of the OECD export credit agencies
The wave of changes to IFRS and convergence with FASB will continue to present challenges for treasurersTheoretical ex-rights price
Theory XTheory YTheta
ThetreasurershandbookThin capitalisationThird line of defence
Third party providerThird sectorThree-corner model
Three Lines of Defence ModelThree Pillars of CapitalThreshold balancing
TickTick valueTier 1
Tier 2TieredTime-apportion
Time binsTime bucketTime decay
Time deposit accountTime depositsTime draft
Time letter of creditTime of supplyTime series
Time series graphTime subordinationTime value
Time value of moneyTnTobin tax
Tokyo Overnight Average RateTomTom next
TombstoneToo Big To FailToo important to fail
Top-down resolutionTop lineTort
Total Loss Absorbing CapacityTotal Loss Absorbing CapitalTotal Risk Weighted Exposure
Total assetsTotal capitalTotal capital ratio
Total costTotal returnTotal return swap
Total shareholder returnToxicTracker fund
Tracking errorTradeTrade Facilitation Agreement
Trade acceptanceTrade credit insuranceTrade date
Trade deficitTrade financeTrade repository
Trade surplusTrade union policyTrade war
Traded optionTrademarkTrading book
Trading companyTrading creditTrading debit
Trading loanTrancheTrans-European automated real-time gross settlement express transfer
Trans-Pacific PartnershipTransactionTransaction Workflow Innovation Standards Team
Transaction balanceTransaction dateTransaction exposure
Transaction matching applicationTransaction riskTransactional analysis
Transactional bankingTransactional exposureTransactions motive
TransferTransfer agentTransfer of a going concern
Transfer priceTransfer pricingTransfer risk
Transfer systemTransfer valueTransferable risk
TransfereeTransit floatTransit routing number
Translation exposureTranslation riskTranslational exposure
Transmission Control ProtocolTransmission mechanismTransnational
TransparencyTransport Layer SecurityTransport documents
Transposition errorTrapped cashTravaux preparatories
Travel and entertainment cardTreasurerTreasuries
TreasuryTreasury Management System
Treasury Workstation Integration Standards TeamTreasury bills
Treasury bondsTreasury counterpartyTreasury inflation-indexed securities
Treasury inflation-protected securitiesTreasury managementTreasury management information systems
Treasury notesTreasury operationsTreasury performance management – waste of time or a necessity?
Treasury policyTreasury riskTreasury securities
Treasury sharesTreasury workstationTrend
Trend analysisTri-party agentTri-party repo
Tri-party repurchase agreementTrial balanceTrigger event
TrillionTriparty repoTriple bottom line
TrnTrojanTrojan horse
TromboneTrue and fair viewTrumponomics
TruncationTrustTrust deed
Trustee liability insuranceTrusteesTurkey
TurnTurnbullTurnbull Guidance
TurnkeyTurnoverTwin Peaks
Two-way priceTwo factor systemTwo tailed test
Type II errorType I errorUAE
UKTIUK Asset ResolutionUK Bank Corporation Tax surcharge
UK Bank LevyUK CodeUK Corporate Governance Code
UK Export FinanceUK FinanceUK GAAP
UK Money Markets CodeUK Payments Administration LtdUK Securities Lending, Repo and Money Markets Code
UK Stewardship CodeUK Trade and InvestmentUK plc
US Glass-SteagallUS commercial paperUS prime rate
UTIUltra viresUmbrella scheme
Unattributable input VATUncommittedUncommitted risk
Unconnected companyUncoveredUncovered interest arbitrage
Underlying assetUnderlying currencyUnderlying price
Understanding and mitigating the risks associated with international travelUndertakingUndertaking for collective investments in transferable securities
Underwriting groupUnderwritten dealUnencumbered
Unethical behaviourUnfunded schemeUngeared
Ungeared betaUngeared cash flowUnicorn
Uniform Commercial CodeUniform Customs and Practice for Documentary CreditsUniform Rules for Forfaiting
UnincorporatedUninsurableUnit trust
United Arab EmiratesUnited KingdomUnited Kingdom Financial Investments Ltd
United NationsUnited StatesUnited States Agency for International Development
Universal bankUniversal bankingUnleveraged
UnleveredUnlimited companyUnobservable valuation inputs
UnratedUnrealised profitUnrelated party
Unrewarded riskUnsecured debtUnsolicited rating
Unsystematic riskUnwindingUp-shock
UpcyclingUpgradeUpper earnings limit
Upper quartileUpsideUpstream
UsanceUsance letter of creditUseful economic life
Useful lifeUtilUtilisation fee