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Total assetsTotal capitalTotal capital ratio
Total costTotal returnTotal return swap
Total shareholder returnTourette's syndromeToxic
Track and traceTracker fundTracking error
TradeTrade Facilitation AgreementTrade acceptance
Trade credit insuranceTrade creditorsTrade date
Trade debtorsTrade deficitTrade finance
Trade payablesTrade receivablesTrade repository
Trade saleTrade surplusTrade union policy
Trade warTraded optionTrademark
Trading bookTrading companyTrading credit
Trading debitTrading loanTranche
Trans-European automated real-time gross settlement express transferTrans-Pacific PartnershipTransaction
Transaction Workflow Innovation Standards TeamTransaction balanceTransaction date
Transaction exposureTransaction matching applicationTransaction risk
Transaction risk analysisTransactional analysisTransactional analysis coaching
Transactional bankingTransactional coachingTransactional exposure
Transactions motiveTransferTransfer agent
Transfer of a going concernTransfer priceTransfer pricing
Transfer riskTransfer systemTransfer value
Transferable riskTransfereeTransference
Transformational coachingTransit floatTransit mobility index
Transit routing numberTransitional basisTranslation exposure
Translation riskTranslational exposureTransmission Control Protocol
Transmission mechanismTransnationalTransparency
Transpersonal coachingTransport Layer SecurityTransport documents
Transposition errorTrapped cashTravaux preparatories
Travel and entertainment cardTreasurerTreasuries
TreasuryTreasury 4.0Treasury Committee
Treasury Management System
Treasury Risk Management CommitteeTreasury Workstation Integration Standards TeamTreasury bills
Treasury bondsTreasury counterpartyTreasury inflation-indexed securities
Treasury inflation-protected securitiesTreasury infrastructureTreasury management
Treasury management information systemsTreasury notesTreasury operations
Treasury operations infrastructureTreasury organisationTreasury performance management – waste of time or a necessity?
Treasury policyTreasury proceduresTreasury risk
Treasury securitiesTreasury sharesTreasury workstation
TrendTrend analysisTri-party agent
Tri-party repoTri-party repurchase agreementTrial balance
Trigger eventTrillionTriparty repo
Triple bottom lineTrnTrojan
Trojan horseTromboneTrucost
True and fair viewTrumponomicsTruncation
TrustTrust accountTrust deed
TrusteeTrustee liability insuranceTrustees
Turnbull GuidanceTurner ReviewTurnkey
TurnoverTwenty-Foot Equivalent UnitTwin Peaks
Two-factor authenticationTwo-way priceTwo factor system
Two tailed testType 1 SOC 1Type 2 SOC 1
Type II errorType I errorU-shaped recovery
UKSIFUKTIUK Asset Resolution
UK Bank Corporation Tax surchargeUK Bank LevyUK Climate Change Committee
UK CodeUK Corporate Governance CodeUK Equality Act 2010
UK Export FinanceUK FinanceUK Financial Investments
UK GAAPUK Money Markets CodeUK Payments Administration Ltd
UK Securities Lending, Repo and Money Markets CodeUK Stewardship CodeUK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association
UK Trade and InvestmentUK plcUMPT
US FedUS GAAPUS Glass-Steagall
US House Committee on Financial ServicesUS commercial paperUS prime rate
UTIUltra viresUmbrella scheme
Unattributable input VATUnbankedUncommitted
Uncommitted riskUnconnected companyUnconventional monetary policy
UncoveredUncovered interest arbitrageUndated
Underlying assetUnderlying currencyUnderlying price
Understanding and mitigating the risks associated with international travelUndertakingUndertaking for collective investments in transferable securities
Underwriting groupUnderwritten dealUnencumbered
Unethical behaviourUnfundedUnfunded scheme
UngearedUngeared betaUngeared cash flow
UnicornUniform Commercial CodeUniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits
Uniform Rules for ForfaitingUnincorporatedUninsurable
Unit trustUnited Arab EmiratesUnited Kingdom
United Kingdom Financial Investments LtdUnited Kingdom Government Investments LtdUnited Nations
United Nations Climate Change ConferenceUnited Nations Commission on International Trade LawUnited Nations Conference on Trade and Development
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate ChangeUnited StatesUnited States Agency for International Development
United States Trade RepresentativeUniversal bankUniversal banking
Universal basic incomeUnleveragedUnlevered
Unlimited companyUnobservable valuation inputsUnrated
Unrealised profitUnrelated partyUnrewarded risk
Unsecured debtUnsolicited ratingUnsystematic risk
UpgradeUpper earnings limitUpper quartile
Usance letter of creditUse of Proceeds instrumentUse of proceeds bond
Useful economic lifeUseful financial informationUseful life
UtilUtilisation feeUtility
V-shaped recoveryVABVAN
VATVAT groupVAT return
ValuationValuation agentValuation basis
Valuation dateValuation inputsValue
Value-added bankValue-added centreValue-added network
Value Added TaxValue Reporting FoundationValue added services
Value at riskValue based managementValue chain analysis
Value dateValue datingValue driver
Value for moneyValue in useValue investment
Value judgementValues in actionVanilla
VariabilityVariable costVariable currency