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Undertaking for collective investments in transferable securitiesUndervaluedUnderwriter
UnderwritingUnderwriting groupUnderwritten deal
UnencumberedUnethical behaviourUnfunded scheme
UngearedUngeared betaUngeared cash flow
UnicornUniform Commercial CodeUniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits
Uniform Rules for ForfaitingUnincorporatedUninsurable
Unit trustUnited Arab EmiratesUnited Kingdom
United Kingdom Financial Investments LtdUnited Kingdom Government Investments LtdUnited Nations
United Nations Conference on Trade and DevelopmentUnited Nations Framework Convention on Climate ChangeUnited States
United States Agency for International DevelopmentUniversal bankUniversal banking
Universal basic incomeUnleveragedUnlevered
Unlimited companyUnobservable valuation inputsUnrated
Unrealised profitUnrelated partyUnrewarded risk
Unsecured debtUnsolicited ratingUnsystematic risk
UpgradeUpper earnings limitUpper quartile
Usance letter of creditUseful economic lifeUseful financial information
Useful lifeUtilUtilisation fee
VATVAT groupVAT return
ValuationValuation basisValuation date
Valuation inputsValueValue-added bank
Value-added centreValue-added networkValue Added Tax
Value at riskValue based managementValue chain analysis
Value dateValue datingValue driver
Value for moneyValue in useValue investment
Value judgementVanillaVariability
Variable costVariable currencyVariable net asset value
VarianceVariance-covariance methodVariance analysis
Variation Margin Gains HedgingVariation marginVega
Vega hedgingVega neutralVeil of incorporation
VendorVendor financeVendor managed inventory
Vendor placingVenture Capital SchemesVenture capital
Vertical integrationVestingVickers
Vickers ReportVirtual accountVirtual bank
Virtual bank accountVirtual poolingVirtualisation
Visibles balanceVoid contractVoidable contract
VolatilityVolatility indexVolatility smile
Volatility traderVolcker RuleVoluntary liquidation
VostroVostro accountVulture
Vulture fundWACCWAI
WMBA AmericasWMRWMR scandal
WageWaiverWall Street Crash
WantsWarehouse financeWarehouse receipt
WarrantyWarren BuffettWash trading
Wasting chattelWatchlistWaterfall
WaybillWeak form efficiencyWealth
Wealth Added IndexWealth managementWealth tax
Weather riskWebCHeckWeighted Average Life
Weighted averageWeighted average cost of capitalWeighted average maturity
WelcomeWelfareWelsh Revenue Authority
Whistle blowingWhistleblowingWhite-label
White collar workerWhole business securitisationWhole turnover
WholesaleWholesale Markets Brokers' AssociationWholesale Markets Brokers' Association Americas
Wholesale funds transfer systemWholesale lockboxesWholesale markets
Wide area networkWin-winWin rate
Windfall taxWinding-upWinding up
WindowWindow-dressingWire transfer
With recourseWithdrawalWithholding tax
Without recourseWork in progressWorking capital
Working capital cycleWorking capital managementWorking effectively with others
World BankWorld Business Council for Sustainable DevelopmentWorld Economic Forum
World Trade OrganizationWorld currency unitWorld wide web
Worldwide interest capWrite downWriting down allowance
Wrong way riskWrongful tradingX-Value Adjustment
YankeeYankee CDYankee bond
YardYieldYield basis
Yield curveYield curve riskYield pick-up
Yield spreadYield to conversionYield to maturity
Yield to redemptionYield to worstYuan
Yuan renminbiZARZBA
ZIRPZLB problemZ score
Z statisticZeroZero-coupon swap
Zero balance accountZero balancingZero based
Zero based budgetingZero costZero coupon
Zero coupon bondZero coupon rateZero coupon yield
Zero hours contractZero rate provisionZero rated