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Value for moneyValue in useValue investment
Value judgementVanillaVariability
Variable costVariable currencyVariable net asset value
VarianceVariance-covariance methodVariance analysis
Variation marginVegaVega hedging
Vega neutralVeil of incorporationVendor
Vendor financeVendor managed inventoryVendor placing
Venture Capital SchemesVenture capitalVertical integration
VestingVickersVickers Report
Virtual accountVirtual bankVirtual bank account
Virtual poolingVisibles balanceVoid contract
Voidable contractVolatilityVolatility index
Volatility smileVolatility traderVolcker Rule
Voluntary liquidationVostroVostro account
VultureVulture fundWACC
WMBA AmericasWMRWMR scandal
WaiverWantsWarehouse finance
Warehouse receiptWarehousingWarrant
WarrantiesWarrantyWarren Buffett
Wash tradingWasting chattelWatchlist
WaterfallWaybillWeak form efficiency
WealthWealth Added IndexWealth management
Wealth taxWeather riskWebCHeck
Weighted Average LifeWeighted averageWeighted average cost of capital
Weighted average maturityWelcomeWet
WhalingWhistle-blowingWhistle blowing
WhistleblowingWhite-labelWhite collar worker
Whole business securitisationWhole turnoverWholesale
Wholesale Markets Brokers' AssociationWholesale Markets Brokers' Association AmericasWholesale funds transfer system
Wholesale lockboxesWholesale marketsWide area network
Win-winWin rateWindfall tax
Winding-upWinding upWindow
Wire transferWith recourseWithdrawal
Withholding taxWithout recourseWork in progress
Working capitalWorking capital cycleWorking capital management
Working effectively with othersWorld BankWorld Economic Forum
World Trade OrganizationWorld currency unitWorld wide web
Worldwide interest capWrite downWriting down allowance
Wrong way riskWrongful tradingX-Value Adjustment
YankeeYankee CDYankee bond
YardYieldYield basis
Yield curveYield curve riskYield pick-up
Yield spreadYield to conversionYield to maturity
Yield to redemptionYield to worstYuan
Yuan renminbiZARZBA
ZIRPZLB problemZ score
Z statisticZeroZero-coupon swap
Zero balance accountZero balancingZero based
Zero based budgetingZero costZero coupon
Zero coupon bondZero coupon rateZero coupon yield
Zero hours contractZero rate provisionZero rated