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Weighted averageWeighted average cost of capitalWeighted average maturity
Whistle-blowingWhistle blowingWhistleblowing
White-labelWhite collar workerWhole business securitisation
Whole turnoverWholesaleWholesale Markets Brokers' Association
Wholesale Markets Brokers' Association AmericasWholesale funds transfer systemWholesale lockboxes
Wholesale marketsWide area networkWin-win
Win rateWindfall taxWinding-up
Winding upWindowWire transfer
With recourseWithdrawalWithholding tax
Without recourseWork in progressWorking capital
Working capital cycleWorking capital managementWorking effectively with others
World BankWorld Economic ForumWorld Trade Organization
World currency unitWorld wide webWorldwide interest cap
Write downWriting down allowanceWrong way risk
Wrongful tradingX-Value AdjustmentX-inefficiency
Yankee CDYankee bondYard
YieldYield basisYield curve
Yield curve riskYield pick-upYield spread
Yield to conversionYield to maturityYield to redemption
Yield to worstYuanYuan renminbi
ZLB problemZ scoreZ statistic
ZeroZero-coupon swapZero balance account
Zero balancingZero basedZero based budgeting
Zero costZero couponZero coupon bond
Zero coupon rateZero coupon yieldZero hours contract
Zero rate provisionZero rated