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Weighted averageWeighted average cost of capitalWeighted average maturity
WelcomeWelfareWelsh Revenue Authority
Whistle blowingWhistleblowingWhite-label
White collar workerWhole business securitisationWhole turnover
WholesaleWholesale Markets Brokers' AssociationWholesale Markets Brokers' Association Americas
Wholesale funds transfer systemWholesale lockboxesWholesale markets
Wide area networkWin-winWin rate
Windfall taxWinding-upWinding up
WindowWire transferWith recourse
WithdrawalWithholding taxWithout recourse
Work in progressWorking capitalWorking capital cycle
Working capital managementWorking effectively with othersWorld Bank
World Economic ForumWorld Trade OrganizationWorld currency unit
World wide webWorldwide interest capWrite down
Writing down allowanceWrong way riskWrongful trading
X-Value AdjustmentX-inefficiencyXB
YTMYankeeYankee CD
Yankee bondYardYield
Yield basisYield curveYield curve risk
Yield pick-upYield spreadYield to conversion
Yield to maturityYield to redemptionYield to worst
YuanYuan renminbiZAR
Z scoreZ statisticZero
Zero-coupon swapZero balance accountZero balancing
Zero basedZero based budgetingZero cost
Zero couponZero coupon bondZero coupon rate
Zero coupon yieldZero hours contractZero rate provision
Zero rated