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* [[Crowdfunding]]
* [[Crowdfunding]]
* [[Entrepreneur]]
* [[Entrepreneur]]
* [[Exit]]
* [[Mezzanine]]
* [[Mezzanine]]
* [[Preference shares]]
* [[Preference shares]]

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Capital supplied (by venture capitalists) as high risk equity investment with the expectation of a high return commensurate with the risk taken.

Typically, if the investment is unsuccessful, all of the investment will be lost.

  • VC is generally organised into venture capital funds.
  • VC funds invest in larger, longer-established start up businesses.
  • VC funds may also invest in turnaround, or recovery situations.
  • Different funds will generally have different specialist areas of expertise and investment.

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Two-fifths of SMEs that seek funding are rejected, Sally Percy, The Treasurer September 2013