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Welcome to the Treasurer's Wiki

The Treasurer’s Wiki aims to share knowledge and experience across the treasury community. We hope you will use it as a platform to share knowledge and provide useful tools to other likeminded people.

The Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT) sets the benchmark for international treasury excellence. As the Chartered body for treasury, we lead the profession by delivering our internationally recognised suite of treasury qualifications, by defining standards and by championing continuing professional development. We are the authentic voice of the treasury profession representing the interests of the real economy and educating, supporting and leading the treasurers of today and tomorrow.

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(B)/W to Angel
Annual Debt Service Cover Ratio to Beauty parade
Behavioural analytics to CNS
CNY to Collateral
Collateral agreement to Cross acceleration
Cross currency deal to Dishonour
Disintermediation to Equity method
Equity risk to Fallback
Fallback language to GBP
ICB to International Monetary Market
International Monetary and Financial System to Lockbox
Lockbox agent to Monte Carlo analysis
Monte Carlo method to Ofgem
Ofwat to Performance spread
Period costs to RFP
RFR to Robo-advisor
Robot tax to Single trader
Sinking fund to Target balance
Target balancing to Uncovered
Uncovered interest arbitrage to Zero rated

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An individual or firm appointed to form and report an independent opinion on financial statements prepared by a reporting entity.


An individual or firm which independently investigates and reports on other financial matters, or on non-financial matters.

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