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A method of entity business valuation which is based on:

(i) Accounting Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) and
(ii) The ratio of entity value to EBITDA of a comparable business (or a comparable group of businesses).

EBITDA multiple = Total value of firm ÷ EBITDA.


For example, the total entity value of Company A is $750m and its relevant EBITDA is $150m.

Company A's EBITDA multiple:

= $750m/$150m

= 5 times.


The EBITDA multiple can also be used as a very simple comparison or estimation model, for corporate valuation.

In another case, say comparable EBITDA multiples for an unlisted Company B are 6, and its relevant EBITDA is $30m.

The total entity value of Company B's business can be estimated on this basis as:

6 x $30m

= $180m.

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