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Welcome to the Treasurer's Wiki

The Treasurer’s Wiki aims to share knowledge and experience across the treasury community. We hope you will use it as a platform to share knowledge and provide useful tools to other likeminded people.

The Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT) sets the benchmark for international treasury excellence. As the Chartered body for treasury, we lead the profession by delivering our internationally recognised suite of treasury qualifications, by defining standards and by championing continuing professional development. We are the authentic voice of the treasury profession representing the interests of the real economy and educating, supporting and leading the treasurers of today and tomorrow.

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(B)/W to Annual allowance
Annual effective rate to Beneficiary
Benefit in kind to CPE
CPI to Commitment fee
Committed to Currency option
Currency risk to Documents against payment
Dodd-Frank to European Banking Authority
European Central Bank to Financial Action Task Force
Financial Assistance Scheme to Gender pay gap
General Council for Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions to ILS
ILSA to Issuing house
Italy to MENA
NOPAT to Owner earnings
Oxford Economics to Pre-transaction risk
Pre-transactional exposure to Receiver
Receiver finality to SOXA
SPE to Statement of financial accounting standard
Statement of financial position to Tiered
Time-apportion to Visibles balance
Void contract to Zero rated

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Goods or services purchased by a UK VAT registered business from a business registered for VAT in another EC member state.

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