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Former proposals for a new debt instrument for the euro area, also known as a Stability Bond.

The new instrument would be denominated in euro and issued jointly by a number of relevant countries, for example all of the euro area (informally Eurozone or Euro zone) countries.

This proposal is sometimes known as 'common issuance' (contrasted with separate sovereign issuance by each individual country as at present).

The spelling without the space has begun to dominate the literature even though that may cause confusion given the established meaning of Eurobond, some authors seeking to use the term international bond for the latter.


Take care: a bond denominated in euros is a 'euro bond' in the same way that a bond denominated in dollars is a 'dollar bond'. A euro bond in that sense may be a domestic bond, a Eurobond or international bond, a foreign bond and even, if any are ever issued, a Euro bond as used in this entry.

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