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* [[Securities lending]]
* [[Securities lending]]
* [[Securities settlement system]]
* [[Securities settlement system]]
* [[Securitise]]
* [[Security Market Line]]
* [[Security Market Line]]
* [[Share]]
* [[Share]]

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1. Collateral.

Assets pledged by a borrower, as additional protection for the lender's interest.

For example a residential mortgage loan, for which the security is the residential property mortgaged to the lender.

2. Credit risk - legal risk - commercial risk.

Other improvements to the legal or commercial position of a lender or another party, particularly in relation to credit risk.

3. Stocks - shares - similar assets.

A tradeable legal claim upon the assets of the issuer of the security.

Examples of traded securities include shares and bonds.

4. Safety - confidentiality.

Safety, including both physical safety and - for example - the confidentiality of information.

5. Controls - systems - procedures.

Systems and procedures to improve safety.

Including for example both physical access controls and electronic controls such as encryption and passwords.

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