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Accounts - digital wallets.

Withdrawing money or other assets from an account or digital wallet.

Seamless funding and defunding experience essential to digital euro
"Funding and defunding functionalities would enable the end user to top up or withdraw digital euro holdings by transferring money from/to private money or with/into cash.
Users would either fund their digital euro holdings accounts or wallets with cash, or convert private money into digital euro (“funding”).
Conversely, they could convert digital euro into cash or into private money (“defunding”).
A seamless funding and defunding experience is essential to support the successful uptake of the digital euro; the ease with which such functionalities could be used would significantly affect end users’ willingness to adopt a digital euro and to use it over time.
The set of funding and defunding functionalities to be offered by supervised intermediaries would need to ensure a common baseline end user experience, irrespective of the supervised intermediary that provides them with the digital euro."
Progress on the investigation phase of a digital euro - January 2023 - European Central Bank (ECB).

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