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Medium to longer term borrowing by a non-financial undertaking to meet its operational needs.

Fund early

"... the ease with which treasurers have secured debt funding may start to lessen.
As panellists pointed out, the situation calls to mind the ACT's mantra: fund early, fund often and fund long."
The Treasurer magazine, December 2018 / January 2019, p13.


More generally, the provision or the sources of finance necessary for the continuing operation of an undertaking.

In this context, sources of finance for non-financial organisations would include, bank lenders, bondholders and shareholders.


More broadly, sources of finance including certain other creditors, as well as bank lenders, bondholders and shareholders.

4. Pensions.

The provision in advance for future liabilities in a defined benefit pension scheme by the accumulation of assets.

5. Banking.

In the banking context, sources of funding include retail customer deposits and equity, as well as wholesale and longer term borrowings.

Banks' funding - very broadly - can be categorised as 'own funds' or 'borrowed funds'.

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