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1. Currency - emerging markets - US dollar.

A process in which a country starts to accept a foreign currency for certain purposes, in parallel with its domestic currency.

Most commonly an emerging market country might start to accept a more established foreign currency, for example the US dollar.

This process is also sometimes known as currency substitution.

A small number of countries have discontinued their domestic currencies and adopted the foreign currency in full.

For example, Panama's currency is the US dollar.

2. Financial modelling - spreadsheets - construction - cell references.

In financial modelling with spreadsheets, dollarized - or absolute - refers to cell references when they're copied around the spreadsheet.

Fully absolute cell references - for example $A$1 in Excel - will stay as $A$1 wherever we copy them within the spreadsheet.

This kind of cell reference is sometimes also known as an anchored - or fixed - reference.

Contrasted with a standard relative cell reference - for example A1.

Relative cell references are the default.

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