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The Institute of Business Ethics is established in the UK to:

  • advance public education in business ethics and related subjects
  • with particular reference to the study and application of ethical standards in the management and conduct of industry and business.

Tests of ethical behaviour

The IBE has identified a number of key tests to help to determine whether a course of action, or inaction, is ethical:

  • Is the action legal, transparent and fair?
  • Who will it affect?
  • Who benefits?

The IBE has developed a Business Ethics Framework to support organisations to address these issues.

Establishment of the IBE and international reach

Headquartered in London, the IBE was founded in 1986 following the City of London's 'Big Bang' liberalisation.

The founders shared a concern that, following liberalisation, 'one’s word would no longer be one’s bond’.

The IBE strives to work at an international level, both with its multinational subscribers and in close affiliation with other business ethics organisations outside the UK.

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