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1. Lending - noun.

A group of lenders - often banks - acting collectively.

For example to provide a larger total facility to a borrower, than any of the lenders has the capacity (or appetite) to provide individually.

2. Loans - verb.

To increase the number of lenders providing a facility from an initially small group, or a single lender, to become a larger syndicate of lenders.

3. Insurance.

A group of insurers that collectively insure unusual, high-value, or high-risk exposures.

Insurance exchanges use syndicates to write insurance.

Examples include Lloyd's of London.

4. New securities issues underwriting - investment.

Any other group of individuals or organisations that acts collectively, usually for the purpose of sharing risks between members of the syndicate.

Examples include underwriting new securities issues, and making investments.

5. Media - broadcasting - publishing - newspapers.

An agency that provides content simultaneously to a relatively large number of different media outlets.

To supply content for simultaneous publication on this basis.

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