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1. Telecommunications.

In telecommunications, a value added service is any non-core feature or function of the telecommunications service, provided at little or no additional cost to the user, and adding value to the core offering.

Historically, this meant any non-voice feature.

As the number of standard functions increased, the scope of value added features has expanded to include:

  • Mobile data management
  • Entertainment
  • Security
  • Smart-home energy management

VAS revenues could exceed connectivity
"According to Frost & Sullivan, the value-added service element of 5G could contribute more to revenues in this new sector than the underlying connectivity itself."
BD Innovations - April 2021

2. Other services and products.

More broadly, any similarly value-enhancing non-core service, provided to the user at a low cost, or no additional cost.

For example, in logistics services, packing, or collection from the customer's own premises.

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