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1. Pensions.

Abbreviation for an active member of a pension scheme.

2. Tax - types of income.

For tax purposes, active income includes wages, salary and business profits.

Contrasted with 'passive' income, which is broadly investment income.

3. Tax - companies.

For tax purposes a company is normally defined as active - and potentially liable for Corporation Tax - when it does any one (or more) of the following:

  • Carrying on any business activity or trade or profession.
  • Buying and selling goods with a view to profit.
  • Providing services.
  • Earning interest.
  • Managing investments.
  • Receiving any other income.

4. Investment management - strategies.

Active investment funds engage investment managers to select their investments.

5. Judgement - initiative.

More generally, any structure or undertaking involving relatively more judgement or initiative.

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