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A digital footprint is a trail or 'footprint' of data created while using the Internet.

It includes any form of transmission of information (emails, websites visited, uploading videos) all of which leave traces which are available to others online.

Personalising malicious attacks
"The rise of digital footprints is enabling cybercriminals to become smarter with their tactics, with more information available online to use when personalising their malicious attacks."
Daniel Piper, Detective inspector Cyber Crime, City of London Police.

Be more vigilant
"Social media platforms are a treasure trove for criminals.
Many users post information about the company they work for, their department and even what treasury platform they use, all of which can be used to make fraudulent email and other communications appear genuine.
Staff are the front line of defence in identifying and reporting potential attacks.
We all need to be more vigilant and discerning about the information we put online.
Start now with your profile."
ACT Learning Academy, June 2019.

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