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Make UK is the UK manufacturers' association.

Make UK is established to create a supportive environment for UK manufacturers to thrive, innovate and compete.

Make UK provides businesses with advice, guidance and support in employment law, employee relations, health, safety, climate and environment, information and research and occupational health.

Make UK also provides political representation on behalf of UK business in the engineering, manufacturing and technology-based sectors.

For example, in relation to Brexit, commenting on the extension to the timing of Article 50, Stephen Phipson, Chief Executive of Make UK, said on 20 March 2019:

"It is now 1,000 days since we voted to leave the EU. Despite that, we are now in a position where the world’s fifth biggest economy has no idea what the trading relationship with its biggest market will be in nine days’ time. We are moving from farce to tragedy.
The only thing likely to worsen the current picture is leaving the EU without a deal, which would be catastrophic for the manufacturing sector which is so dependent on frictionless trade, common standards and regulation.
As a result, we conditionally support the Prime Minister’s decision to seek a short extension to Article 50. We do so on the express condition that the Government and Parliament use this time to relentlessly pursue a clear outcome that protects our trading relationship and provides certainty as quickly as possible. Delay for delay's sake will simply make an appalling situation worse."

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