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A measure relating to changes or increments.

For example, marginal revenue measures the increase in a firm's total revenue resulting from selling one more unit of production.


Any relatively less significant or non-central item.

Marginal change in profit
"Sony reported a marginal 1.1% fall in profit for the June quarter, surprising markets and analysts."
Counterpoint research - August 2020.


Relating to items or amounts close to any boundary.

For example, marginal relief from UK Capital Gains Tax (CGT) for amounts which are marginally above the threshold for total exemption from CGT.

4. Project and investment appraisal.

A decision or evaluation that might be changed by a small change in input variables.

Marginal decision
"Now the project decision is marginal, following the change in the cost of capital assessment."
Net present value - The Treasurer's Wiki.

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