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The Natural Capital Protocol is designed to be a decision making framework that enables organizations to identify, measure and value their direct and indirect impacts and dependencies on natural capital.

'All organizations, to varying degrees, are dependent on the health of the natural world, and often these organizations likewise impact on nature’s ability to underpin their success. Understanding the complex and dynamic relationships that organizations have with the health of natural assets and the ecosystem services they provide enables organizations to make more informed decisions with benefits for their businesses as well as communities, society, the broader economy and the natural world...
'Until now, natural capital has for the most part been excluded from decisions and when included, it has been inconsistent, open to interpretation, limited to moral arguments, or based on an incomplete understanding of organizational relationships to natural capital.
'The Protocol responds to this gap by offering an internationally standardized framework for the identification, measurement, and valuation of impacts and dependencies on natural capital in order to inform organizational decisions.'
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