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Debt - bonds - sovereign issuance.

A sovereign bond is a bond issued by a sovereign entity, usually a country.

Mexico's innovative SDG sovereign bond
"The Mexican government has recognized that ESG financing is here to stay, and the Ministry of Finance helped set this trend in motion by issuing the world’s first sovereign bond aligned to the SDGs.
Some other goals that Mexico achieved were to expand its investor base; improve the price discovery process for other public and private sector issuers when they seek access to this market; establish a firm commitment with public policies to enhance social development in the country, especially in underdeveloped areas, and reaffirm its pledge to achieve the objectives established in the 2030 agenda for sustainable development; offer investors greater transparency in public spending and better monitoring for the fulfillment of its SDG goals; and confirm Mexico’s leading role as a Latin American and emerging market sovereign issuer, placing the country at the forefront in the innovation of sustainable financing instruments."
Sovereign green, social and sustainability bonds - The World Bank Group - October 2022 - p40.

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