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White-label goods and services are made by a single producer, but then marketed and distributed by different organisations, without the producer's branding.

When the white-label item is incorporated into an existing system, it is more likely to be compatible.

Treasurers want white-label e-banking system

"With wide variation in e-banking systems, an external white-label e-banking system that the banks subscribed to would go a long way to easing treasurers' travails and would assist those organisations working towards centralising treasury and finance functions.
A single web-based system that worked with multiple banks would avoid the need for banks to invest heavily and separately in individual but entirely distinct platforms.
The ability to view statements, extract payments, and set up individuals and user rights in a common space would remove considerable account management pain."
ACT Smart Cash Conference Report, Spring 2018, p17 - panel discussion on banking relationships.

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