Euro Overnight Index Average

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Abbreviation for the discontinued Euro OverNight Index Average interest rate, formerly sponsored by the European Money Markets Institute (EMMI).

EONIA was discontinued in January 2022.

(Distinguish from EURONIA - defined below.)


  • This Euro overnight index average tracks actual average market euro funding rates each day for settlement that day where repayment is made on the following business day.
  • It is published by WMBA Ltd (part of the European Venues and Intermediaries Association - EVIA) in London at 5.00 pm each day. It is the weighted average rate to four decimal places of all unsecured euro overnight cash transactions brokered in London by EVIA member firms between midnight and 4.00pm London time with all counterparties.
  • EURONIA was formerly an interest benchmark, but was recategorised as an interest rate index in 2022.

(Distinguish from EONIA - defined above.)

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