Available Stable Funding

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Bank regulation


Available Stable Funding (ASF) is an input to the calculation of the net stable funding ratio (NSFR) for bank prudential management purposes.

ASF is the bank's liabilities, weighted according to their expected stability, based on:

(a) Funding tenor – The NSFR is generally calibrated such that longer-term liabilities are assumed to be more stable than short-term liabilities.

(b) Funding type and counterparty – The NSFR is calibrated under the assumption that short-term deposits provided by retail customers and funding provided by small business customers are behaviourally more stable than wholesale funding of the same maturity from other counterparties.

ASF should be greater than or equal to Required Stable Funding (RSF).

In other words, the NSFR ratio (= ASF / RSF) should be greater than or equal to 100%.

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