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1. Finance - facilities.

Abbreviation for bridge financing or bridge facility.

A bridge is a loan or facility that is expected to be used on an interim basis only.

Successful demerger - GSK/Haleon
"The separation and demerger of Haleon from GSK was a multi-faceted transaction that demanded deep involvement from both treasury teams, on both a strategic and operational level...
The many tasks the teams had to achieve, to a strict timetable, included... setting up term loans ($1.5bn) and a bridge to DCM for Haleon ($10bn)."
The Treasurer online, 4 April 2023 - ACT Deals of the Year 2022: Large team of the year.

2. Cooperation - communication.

A forum or facility to enable communication and collaboration.

For example, the Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME) aims to act as a bridge between market participants and policy makers.

3. Verb.

To create such a forum, facility or measure designed to enable communication and collaboration.

For example, the Return on Sustainability Investment measure is designed to bridge the gap between sustainability strategies and financial performance.

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