Canadian Overnight Repo Rate Average

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Interest rate benchmarks - Canada.


The Canadian Overnight Repo Rate Average is a measure of the cost of overnight general collateral funding in Canadian dollars (CAD).

It is calculated and published by the Bank of Canada.

Market participants directed to transition from CDOR to CORRA
“Today’s announcement from RBSL provides a clear direction for market participants to transition their activities away from CDOR.
It sets in motion the two-staged transition timeline that CARR had outlined in its December White Paper with derivatives and securities transitioning to CORRA by the end of June 2023, with an extra year for loan products to transition before CDOR ceases to be published,” said Karl Wildi and Harri Vikstedt, CARR co-chairs.
“The Canadian transition will be designed specifically for the needs of the Canadian market, and it will leverage the best practices established through the LIBOR transition.
CARR will work closely with all stakeholders to achieve a transparent and effective transition through to the end of CDOR in June 2024.”
Bank of Canada - market notice - May 2022.

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